Rundown Owari no Seraph is about a deadly virus that manifest in Tokyo. The virus kills those above 13 yrs old. The virus was spread by vampires and the children are taken under their protection to give blood. Yuuichirou Hyakuya and Mikaela Hyakuya are two orphans that were enslaved by the vampires in an underground city. After Mikaela Yuuichirou and the other orphans try to escape to Tokyo they encounter Ferid Bathory. After being the only one to escape Yuuichirou is found by Guren Ichinose a Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army . Yuuichirou swears to avenge his family thus launching him into intense training and lessons to join the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. My Opinion After watching Owari no Seraph I finished my thoughts and started to write a review. I will try to limit the amount of spoilers. Throughout the series we are shown the life of Yuuichirou and how he was able obtain power in order to avenge his family. Though I feel like the story focused more on him than any of the other characters. In one case I noticed we didnt get much of a character development for Shinoa Hiiragi the captain of the squad Yuuichirou later joined. I also feel as if Mikaelas life after the incident was left barely touched there could have been more episodes that touched on Mikaelas life but we didnt get any in season one. However a doubleedged sword in this series was the pacing. Though the plot was interesting it never moved to fast but in some cases it moved to slow. In on instance lets talk about SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT Mikaela and Yuuichirou reuniting they reunited only TWO episodes away from the finale the build up for this moment was fun yet excruciating. Other than that the plot was pretty good. Now onto animation in my opinion the animation was a on par. It kept up with action scenes and the movement of the characters was also good. The only problem I really had which I heard other reviewers bring this up was the background. Sometimes it looked lazy and it stood out with how mismatched it was to the characters. Other than that the over all animation was actually pretty good. The anime has 12 episodes but a few specials and a season 2. I had a really nice time actually watching the show and I do recommend it if you want a watch in the vampire/action genre. . Again I hope you all enjoyed this and hope you tune in to my next review. Again let me know if you have any anime you would like me to review. Stay Safe XOXO DXSweets
74 /100
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