The Idolmster is a really interesting show in how it shows both sides of being an idol. The positive side where the girls work together hang out and make friendships with each other. However the opposite happens as well where they compete have distance put between them and are forced to face their personal problems and traumas while trying to make it as a successful idol. This is going to be spoiler free except possibly a few small spoilers. To start the main appeal of the show is the music and performances. These are pretty consistently well done. The music doesnt all appeal to me because each character has a different voice and style of singing but the performances are always engaging. The choreography and animation for their dances are really great and a highlight of the series. The cast of characters is really big which is both good and bad. On the good end youre likely to find at least one character you will like but on the bad end the cast is too big at times. Certain characters dont get enough time to really be interesting and in the second half it focuses a lot more on a handful of characters and leaves the rest underutilized. The stories of those it focuses on are my favorites in the show but this could still be a major downside for the series. Character designs are really consistent though. Each character has a pretty unique and interesting design. They fit into certain character types but theyre still done pretty well. Story wise its pretty straightforward idol anime. In the first half we get introduced to its ensemble cast and their personalities. Most get at least one episode dedicated to them to flesh them out a little more. Its mostly comedic with some small bits of drama but nothing major yet. In the second half it starts to ramp up tension until the bigger character arcs start and it starts to be a serious drama. This part of the show is my favorite. Its handled really well and effectively uses its characters and music to build tension and give satisfying closure and payoffs to the characters stories. The Idolmster is a great series to watch if youre looking for an interesting music series that balances comedy and drama to make a compelling story and characters. Despite its flaws it succeeds in what it sets out to do. Its worth at least a look and if you enjoy the cast or music it only gets better as it goes.
100 /100
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