in this anime I cried a lot as it ended. Are 3D girls or 2D girls better? We have heard this question millions of times now. When it happens punctually we see the shifting otaku appear which initially thunders over the superiority of the 2D girls but which then sees the birth and growth of a strictly 3D beautiful harem around it. And at that point the poor man must also ask himself the drama of the choice: the protagonists of the manga or video games are sweeter and more graceful than their real counterparts but the harem is 100 Kyushu meat do we want to throw it? This narrative approach has by now become very widespread so much so that when I meet it I no longer consider it as an element of novelty or differentiation but I make it one of the many possible classic canons of a sentimental anime. This means that this component can no longer be criticized for what it represents but leaves the viewer the classic choice I like I look at it / I dont like it I dont look at it. To be clearer: an anime about the fight cannot be criticized because its characters are violent if you dont like violence then you just dont look at it. The same goes for the otaku character discussed above: he may not like it but even in this case it is not correct to criticize his presence the only possible choice is not to look at souls in which there are characters of this type. If I let myself go to such a long digression it is because obviously 3D Kanojo: Real Girl is based precisely on this initial situation: Tsutsui is an otaku with big problems in social relations his only friend is Ito another otaku who loves to go around with cat ears on his head. Iroha on the other hand is a very frivolous girl who passes from one relationship to another and whose only quality seems to be her physical beauty. When Tsutsui defends Iroha from the violence of a stalker the boy will inevitably end up attracting the girls interest you can imagine the sequel yourself. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl is a sentimental anime basic model without too many options: the story that is contains many of the classic elements of souls of this type and develops them in the traditional way without major deviations from other souls already seen in past. The script is certainly not very ambitious and contains some contradiction but despite this it is pleasant enough and capable of tearing at least one sufficiency. However what will make me lean towards a slightly higher rating is the characterization of the characters which I found pleasantly realistic. All the characters who for one reason and another are losers who find redemption following the events narrated in the anime but the way of thinking of those who lived many years as a geek cannot change at the same rate as events but will change more slowly. And so for example we will see that Tsutsui will almost never be able to understand the feelings of those around him as his way of thinking is not programmed to accept the fact that his way of being can be appreciated from someone this deficiency will prevent him from choosing the right behavior in a whole series of situations which he either has no experience of or has experienced in the past but in a traumatic way. If my vote had had a surge towards the top thanks to the presence of this psychological component in its characters that personally I have evaluated very positively at the same time there is to report a really too disappointing graphic apparatus even for a Not expert like me. The soundtrack is good: the ending in particular is definitely catchy. Ultimately 3D Kanojo: Real Girl is an anime that turns out to be exactly what was expected: an anime without too many pretensions for better or for worse. A better judgment however can only be given with the following seasons when the anime will finally reveal all its few secrets
100 /100
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