SPOILERS AHEAD. From its earliest chapters we all got absorbed by the drama Natsuo went through as he figured out his romantic relationship between his older sister and former teacher Hina and his younger sister and virginitytaker if I could have found a less insulting word I would have used it by now Rui. Filled with common manga tropes appearance of characters that solely exist to drive the plot forward absurd events resolved by its equally absurd solutions plot twists that eventually get overtaken by an even bigger plot twist its a nofrills formula in developing a chaotic fanbase that argues over every minor detail of its chapters. Yet this deviates from its predecessors through its relentless obsession over having too many dramatic revelations that its never really given a moment to breathe. And because of this everyone suffers. First lets get this out of the way: I have rooted for Rui as endgame yet from the last chapters it seems like it wont be happening anytime soon. So I apologize if some of my anger shows throughout the review. Rui is the type of character that everyone roots for as she goes through major character development throughout the series: from finding her calling in life as a gourmet chef to becoming the mother of Natsuos child its understandable that many find her Natsuos suitable partner. Yet from the start a single doubt has kept on persisting throughout: an inferiority complex against her older sister Hina. The simple thought of being Natsuos rebound or living with the guilt of taking away her older sisters happiness has led her doubt to destroy chapters of development and leaving her back at square one. Hina on the other hand is the type of character that everyone fantasizes for but knows will never happen. Its perhaps why those on this side base their arguments over whatever hidden detail or premonition they could gather from other chapters. Her flaw: a sense of maturity and the inability to see Natsuo as an equal. As their relationship started as teacherstudent a burden is placed on Hina to be more responsible one that carries through even as they get old. From the guilt brought on by Tanabe stabbing Natsuo to singlehandedly protecting the scandalous relationship they had its a trait that has led to very confusing and frustrating developments. Finally we come to Natsuo the guy these two sisters go crazy for. His flaw might be the worst one of them all: his inability to decide. Well its the type of decision thats more longterm. As the story progresses the sisters acts of professing their feelings have gotten bigger and bigger that it leaves Natsuo switching between both girls in this game of tugofwar: Oh Rui confesses when Hinas gone? Looks like Ill have to accept your feelings even though I could just reject them and decide on committing to my true love Oh Hina suddenly needs someone to watch over her? Sorry we had to go through so much relationship development only to be overshadowed by this horrible event that pushes me into realizing this feeling I kept buried for years Many have found several reasons to be frustrated by the latest developments yet the one I choose to emphasize on would be the flaws of our main characters and even with all their revelations and developments its this flaw of theirs that shines through each of these dramatic twists and turns. And its where I base this review on: Chapter 273. In a completely unexpected turn of events Natsuo and Rui decide to call off the wedding amidst Hinas critical state. And they somehow come to the conclusion that they should take care of Hina instead of living their lives happily. So youre telling me that whatever feelings Natsuo had for Rui to the point that hed go to America and profess his love for her was just in the moment? I could go on and find another reason to hate the eventual ending of the manga but Ill leave it to whoevers willing to share their frustrations or maybe even delight at these developments. Heres my case: theres a reason why its called character development. Theres a reason why characters go through hardships and learn from their flaws: to become better versions of themselves the audience may root for. This feels like were back at the beginning all over again: Natsuo head over heels for Hina and Rui accepting her inferiority and settling for second place. Weve gone full circle.
50 /100
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