APRIL 18TH 2019 There was once a day where I despised anime and anime culture. I thought it was weird annoying overly perverted and just overall cringeworthy. If Im being completely honest I barely even watched TV shows and movies in general I just didnt find most of them entertaining. I never planned on watching anime seriously I never did yet one day while I was bored scrolling through Hulu I came across My Hero Academia in my reccomended shows. At first I was just suprised it was there I recognized the show because Ive heard people talk about it but I didnt even know it was about or that it was even on Hulu. I thought to myself Why not? Ill check it out maybe get some laughs in about how dumb anime is and Ill move on with my day. And so I watched the first episode then the second then the first season then the second season then third season and then the movie. To my complete and utter suprise I had just watched the 63 available episodes of My Hero Academia in just TWO DAYS and I watched the Two Heroes movie on the third. This was the first and only time I have ever hardcore binged something. My Hero Academia is my favorite show of all time. Even a year and 70+ anime later it still remains my favorite show of all time. Nothing beats this show for me. The entertainment I felt was unlike any other the hype I felt was unlike any other the emotions I felt were unlike any other and I still cant explain how much I really love this show. I felt every emotion while watching this and I still do 3 rewatches later. This review will be reviewing the show as a whole Before we get into the review I would like to tell you that I am not one of the toxic MHA fans who thinks this show is factually the greatest of all time or ships All Might with Midoriya you can miss me with that. Also here are my ratings for each season the Two Heroes movie and the manga itself. Season 1: 10 Season 2: 10 Season 3: 9.5 Season 4: 7 Two Heroes: 9 Heroes Rising: 9.5 Manga: 10 PLOT SUMMARY you prob already know it by now My Hero Academia is about a boy named Izuku Midoriya and his quest to get into the prestigious high school U.A. and become the worlds 1 hero like his idol All Might. The world has superpowers called quirks which 80 of the population have. The problem is Midoryia is quirkless and its pretty much impossible to become a hero without a quirk. Though Midoryia meets All Might and his world begins to change. Now lets just get into everything I love about My Hero Academia. 1 THE EXECUTION OF A SIMPLE STORY My Hero Academias plot is sounds simple and for most of the show yeah it is pretty simple but the execution of this simple plot is what makes the story great. Not only that the story actually does get more complex the further it goes and when you dig into it you see all things that add to this story that make it not generic but amazing. Youve probably heard this before but My Hero Academia is the perfect example of a show that takes everything thats great about superhero shows and puts it into one story. The show doesnt strive on the things it does differently which it still does do some things different but instead it strives on what makes a story appealing and entertaining. This focus on entertainment and digging through what the pros and cons of a superpowerfilled world are. If you are here for a complex story then you arent looking at one if you want entertainment then this is the show for you. Ive even showed this show to two people who either didnt watch much anime or didnt watch anime at all and they both ended up loving it. My Hero Academia is what I call the perfect starter anime. 2 THE PHILOSOPHY OF HEROISM What makes a true hero? People seem to miss that My Hero Academia is more than what it just shows on the outside. Its not just flashy fights high emotions and an underdog story no its much more than just that. Perhaps one of the strongest pros to this show is its philosphy of what actually makes a hero. Horikoshi is always expanding the worldbuilding and giving more light to both the pros and cons of a superhero society. They show this especially with the Hero Killer Stain and how he justifies his killings by trying to make a better more genuine hero society. Another example would also be Deku and his conflicting feelings about being the worthy successor to All Might as he sees candidates like Mirio Togata and Shoto Todoroki that seem way more worthy of inheriting One For All further proving that this show is more than just a refined underdog story. I wont get into the recent events in the manga of course but lets say the writing worldbuilding and characterbuilding becomes INSANELY good undoubtedly peaks there. There are many other events in the show that go by these themes but I dont want to spoil anything major of course. 3 THE SOUNDTRACK Let me just get this out of the way the soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal and its easily my favorite soundtrack of alltime. It legitimately annihilates a ton of high budget Hollywood films. Seriously its that good. Every song on the soundtrack fits the mood of the show perfectly. It gets you hype at the right moments it builds anticipation at the right moments it makes you happy and calm at the right moments and sometimes it even makes you sad at the right moments. I listen to a lot of the songs on the soundtrack and I very rarely listen to anything without lyrics. You have You Say Run which is easily the most prolific hypebuilding and motivating song on the soundtrack. This song makes me motivated to do the dishes or mow the lawn yeah its THAT damn good. Theres other absolute banger tracks like My Hero Academia You can be a hero HERO A Might+U Sentokunren Takahide koko Jet Say Run and PLUS ULTRA and thats just to name a few. And dont even get me started with the openings and endings to this show. Every single damn opening in my opinion is a banger and there are 45 endings that I actually listen to at the end of each episode which I NEVER do. In S4s case I loved both of the openings and endings for the that season so I ended up watching the full 25 minutes every single episode. I even loved the credits song from the Two Heroes movie Longhope Philia. Ill just list my favorite opening and ending at the bottom. OP: OP2 Peace Sign Kenshi Yonezu ED: ED7 Shout Baby Ryokuoushoku Shakai Im feeling a strong 10 on this soundtrack. 4 THE ANIMATION 400 The animation for this show is insane. Studio Bones instantly became one of my favorite studios because of how damn good the animation was for this show which led me to other great shows like Mob Psycho 100 and Furumetaru Alkemistu: Brudahoodo the correct way to pronounce it. Its fantastic in S1 its unbelievable in S2 and its stellar in S3. Season 4 on the other hand is a bit stiff and just doesnt look right compared to the other seasons and the manga but this is undoubtedly because of the budget cuts and switch in animation directors that made it look this way. Despite S4s mistakes and its infamous Slideshow Fight the first three seasons look amazing as well as S4s fight scenes and you just have to see it to believe it. 5 THE CHARACTERS This shows characters are just phenomenal. Nearly every single one of the students in 1A are enjoyable except Bakugo in S1 but he got a lot better and nearly every character in 1A gets quite the screentime and there are 20 students in the class. This show has unique storylines for a lot of the students of 1A showing their motivations their problems and their strengths which helps in keeping the show fresh. The villains of this show all have clear motivations especially villains like Stain who make you think twice if they are actually a villain or not just because of their motivation which displays a huge flaw in the current hero system that they have. The level of awareness that the creator Kohei Horikoshi shows for his story is definitely incredible. The character development is also insane. You see some characters in S1 and compare them to S4 and they seem like completely different people. The creator Kohei Horikoshi knows that if the story it just focuses on the main character 24/7 it will eventually get boring so he builds up a lot of the characters some even outside of 1A so we can see what characters outside of Midoriya and Bakugo are going through. Its seriously some impressive stuff. CONCLUSION My Hero Academia isnt a perfect show but to me it truly is a masterpiece and a classic. Of course like every show My Hero Academia has flaws. For me the flaws some people had with the show I either didnt agree with or didnt mind though there are some flaws that I think the show definitely has. I think that there are sometimes too many flashbacks Bakugo is a average rival character until the second and third season and the pacing is sometimes a bit of an issue but despite all of that the surreal level of entertainment I get from this show typically negates these problems for me. My Hero Academia is not going to be a show everyone loves because not everyone will want to see a show that focuses on the entertainment aspect or they simply just didnt enjoy it but its a show I will be praising until the day I die. Is My Hero Academia overrated? In my opinion its hard to answer. I know its not the greatest anime ever created like some of the toxic fans think but I definitely think that this show is a classic and a masterpiece in its own way. If this show wasnt my first anime I dont think I would have gotten into the medium so I am forever thankful for my favorite show of alltime My Hero Academia. 250
100 /100
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