Just finished this show and wanted to write a review minimal spoilers. Instead of writing long paragraphs I just want to jot down a few points that struck me about this show: What I liked about the show This show is about a father and his daughter. The scenes between them were touching without being overly dramatic. Show was wholesome. The story portrays parental sacrifice well as the father is an ordinary Joe Blow but you can see how much he cares for his daughter. The show combines comical sequences with more poignant scenes well. In other words the show is not just entirely ha ha funny but also not entirely a tearjerker like some other similar father/daughter slice of life shows. I find both the comedy and poignant scenes to be done well. I particularly liked how the show can be a tearjerker for some but it doesnt just pile on misery after misery to make you feel sorry for the characters. They try to live normal lives. The vignette style of the show is also good. An episode usually has 23 vignettes so there is bound to be at least 1 or 2 that you would like. The show also has an element of mystery as most of the show was set when the daughter was around ten years old but every episode had a few scenes towards the end that were set more in the present day. The ending scenes point to a bigger mystery that needed to be solved. Without spoiling the ending I can say tha the mystery was resolved in a satisfactory way i.e. the solution can be attained by thinking and did not come out of left field The story is coherent it has a clear beginning middle and end. It is not like some other shows where you must read the manga to get the story. I generally liked the opening and ending music for the show. What I dont like about the show Some of the side characters were annoying at times. Particularly I have seen quite a few people not like the fathers boss finding him particularly annoying. I think the boss was ok but rather hit and miss. The art style is rather simplistic but is run of the mill for a slice of life anime. It is certainly watchable though. Just dont expect KyoAni Ghibli or Shinkai level visuals. Some of the character designs were rather similar looking. Some plot points were never fully resolved but those plot points are relatively minor. YMMV A recurring plot point is that the father is hiding an important secret about himself from his daughter. The secret i.e. what the father is hiding is pretty much revealed in the first episode. I found the recurring theme of the secret to be ok but I can also see others be like Whats the big deal? Why doesnt he just tell his daughter? However you can judge for yourself after the first episode if it is something you would be interested in.
80 /100
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