Genre: Comedy / Romance / Fantasy / SliceofLife Also: Shoujo Allencompassing Harem Isekai Introducing Bakarina: Destroyer of Death Flags This is another story Ive covered thats very simple to Understand: Our Protagonist Katarina Claes has been reincarnated into a fantasy world after dying a tragic death to none other than Truckkun in her previous one. After regaining her memories in a fortunate accident Katarina realizes that shes playing the villain from an Otome game shes played in her past life And no matter how this game ends shes either getting killed or exiled Katarina not wanting to die early must find a way to either avoid her doom entirely or prepare to survive in case of exile Katarinas mind is pretty simple: Avoid doom at all costs. To achieve this goal she uses the game knowledge of what she learned in her past life to change the people around her. For Example Keith her adopted brother will be super lonely after an event early in his life leading to him becoming a playboy later. If hes a playboy later and he attracts the horine of the games attention Katarina will be lead down a route of either exile or death and we cant have that So Katarina concludes the best thing to do is to shower Keith with attention If Keith isnt lonely he wont seduce the Heroine down the road avoiding her doom Everything Katarina does is to avoid her doom... so much so that shes completely oblivious to everything else. Katarina doesnt realize that by giving Keith the attention and love he deserves that Keith has completely changed to love Katarina. And its not just Keith. All in all Katarina will change the destiny of 4 guys and 4 girls one of which is the Heroine of the game to avoid her doom... and gain their admiration unbeknownst to her. This show is 90 Comedy and 100 Wholesome. Dont expect anything super romantic though those elements are there. It might look like there are stakes and danger at first but it should quickly become apparent esp. once the cast falls in love with Katarina that the stakes are very low. Also after the ensembles cast have their initial developments dont expect too much character growth either. This show is honest to goodness not trying to make you cry much or get invested into a grand story. Its here to make you laugh and let me tell you its pretty funny thanks to Katarina Bakarina. The main thing to avoid going into this show is having too much expectations. The show is rather repetitious when it wants to give all of the cast nearequal screentime but the comedy is definitely fresh throughout usually delivering variations of similar jokes but not relaying the same ones so often that they get stale and giving allnew unexpected variations of jokes when you least expect them for maximum effect. The entire cast is likeable and there will likely be at least 1 more member of this black holes harem that you will especially like. If youre familiar with other Shoujo shows Like Ouran High School Host Club Ore Monogatari you can expect an even more comedic take than them while still getting a lot of the usual Shoujo messages concerning how to treat other people and Shoujo imagery / storytelling tropes. And just like other Shoujo there really isnt any fanservice to worry about though there are plenty of pretty boys and girls to look at. Im not one thats really affected by the technical stuff but you can expect lively imagery and an acceptable if completely forgettable accompanying soundtrack with definitely good enough animation for the kind of show it is. The Opening Song for the show is also incredible and helps set its lively comical tone exceptionally well. Verdict If youre capable of sitting back and relaxing this is a comedy routine you wont want to miss Im well aware of the many potential pitfalls this show can have Especially since its mostly a comedy but I overlook them because the problems I did see really didnt bother me at all. Above all this show is just dumb fun Look forward to the kinds of antics that only come up when one worries theyre heading toward their doom
97 /100
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