Yesterday Wo Utatte is a great show. Despite the title I would recommend this. the first few episodes felt like a journey within themselves and made this series one of my favourites of the season. However I cannot say it stayed like this through the entire series. As the show progresses we receive a story which while still good was much worse than the beginning. The episodes are filled with almost laughable drama and nothing really occurs. Yet despite the lack of events occuring throughout the story the ending is rushed and convoluted. There are some good things about the ending like the park bench scene and bus scene as well as the amazing character development displayed by the MC. Yet I still dislike this ending with the reasons enclosed in the spoiler card. The best character by far in this show is Haru. Every other character pales in comparison to her. Rikou is an asshole for the majority of the story and while he does change he still just bland. The only traits about Rou I like is his art and the safety pin in his ear. Shinako is good but acts selfishly throughout the story and continues to be in love with her boyfriend who died like 15 years ago. Haru on the other hand has far better traits than the rest of them. The only character who comes close to her in aesthetic is Rou but his aesthetic is held up by a singular safety pin. Haru on the other hand not only has the most drip out of any character there but carries a crow around with her. Goat behaviour. The crow also reflects her loving behaviour as throughout the story she puts up with everybodys shit. Her bubbly personality juxtaposed with her upset interior conveys the depth of her character and sometimes you get a sense that the bubbly exterior is a defense mechanism to protect herself from emotional pain. The most emotion I felt in this show was when Haru was upset as I dont really care for the other character that much. Without Haru this show would be infinitely worse with a score possibly in the 60s or lower. While she may have flaws like her clinginess and maybe something else these support the notion that Haru is struggling inside more. Haru should be protected at all costs. One of my favourite episodes of the series is that of episode 5. I felt a real connection to the character Minato even if he only appeared for 1 episode. Rizou had some growth and it was an episode focused on best girl Haru which is always nice to see. Did I have unrealistic expectations for the show? Probably but Id say most viewers did the first episodes gave the mark of something much better something much more profound. Myself as well as many others like anituber Gigguk believed this show was going to emotionally destroy them and while did this not happen to most we did get a slow thoughtful and raw story of growth and change. Overall Id recommend this show to anybody who wants a raw realistic drama Overall Yesterday Wo Utatte is a story of change and growth and one of the best Ive seen in a while This is my first ever review and I would greatly appreciate any feedback or criticism I can use to improve in the future
80 /100
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