This is a futuristic anime that is based around a System called SYBIL that is the sole authoritative body in the city. Scanners are set up in order to measure ones Psycho Pass which determines how much of a criminal you are. The animes main characters are a division in the police squad that deals with these criminals. The anime is based around this system. Those who want to save it... Those who want to destroy it... Those who want to find out the truth about it... This mysterious thriller is honestly an amazing masterpiece of art. There are so many elements that make this anime amazing. From the ideas to the execution to the truth behind it all every piece of this anime leaves you wanting more. Everything is executed greatly even though there were sometimes that things may have seemed confusing in the end it all makes sense and doesnt leave you questioning anything well maybe a few questions but it ended well. I am a guy who NEEDS long anime. If its not at least 50 or so + eps Im not really into it. This anime of 26 or so eps really left me thinking I would be happy if this was it.... Thats how satisfied I was by this anime. However a second season is out and it was great too but the first part was definitely the best This anime also had a lot of unique aspects. The entire idea is genius and the execution of the idea was very well done and very well thought out. It also makes you think what if this is how we lived? It really draws you in with how its all set up and how the lives of the people are controlled by this system. The main character was decentlyunique and the progression was interesting with her especially with her confrontations with the enemy. I highly recommend this anime its definitely one of the best anime that Ive seen and definitely one of the better anime out there. There is a lot I can say but I dont want to spoil this for people. However if you like technology futuristic shows scifi suspense thrillers and action this is your anime. Its so unique and so well done i cannot put into words about it. Just watch : Let me know if there is any questions about this review.
96 /100
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