Kaguya wants to be confessed to? I honestly dont care just keep on making these amazing content 100https://i.ur.com/93DMUpp.jpg This second season has proved that Kaguyasama is not a just a seasonal show to be forgotten after its airing season ends and that its one of the great shows of all time and will most definitely stand the test of time. This season started off strongly while maintaining its high quality throughout the season. Overall its very enjoyable and the all the episodes seem to finish in the blink of an eye. In all honesty I could never get enough of it. Before going into the details I want to point out some other remarkable things this season has managed to do. For starters we get to see more character development and various character interaction while still keeping true to the overall theme of the show then there is the use of easter eggs references and inside jokes which definitely made the hardcore fans amused and it further indicates how much the creators respect the fans wishes. 100https://i.ur.com/ncb1KKz.jpg Story: As for the main plot its almost the same and the continuation of the first season so Id like to give a quick rundown on the main plot lines. The amount of content covered in the season is reasonable and it is well paced. It features different styles mixed in with the main theme making it even more appealing as well as the extremely funny over the top reactions. Although some of the skits like Miyukis training with Chicka seem repetitive at times then again it might just be a personal opinion. 100https://i.ur.com/lq1weEc.jpg Visuals: The art style is unique and exquisite similar to the first season maybe even a bit more polished up. Animation quality is not quite relevant to debate over in case of this anime because it doesnt heavily rely on it however its fallen under the better side of A1 Pictures and its completely obvious when scenes switch from the environment to the persons imagination and they are shown back to back to us. https://files.catbox.moe/o9tljg.mp4 Audio: OP is another strong suit of the show featuring the same artist as season one for the song also the track is a nice touch as a pun to the first season op song. The soundtrack doesnt differ much from before so no need to discuss it any further. It also benefits much from having many talented voice actors on its staff which in turn pays off real well in making certain scenarios funny or impactful. https://files.catbox.moe/zqlbel.mp4 If I had to describe this show in one word Id say its exceptionally entertaining unlike many new shows airing recently. 100https://i.ur.com/M5JqtUG.jpg
95 /100
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