Written by Razovy Video by Razovy Gleipnir... It was a weird ride wasnt it? Dont get me wrong it was a pretty darn awesome ride... but still there were times where I scratched my head and wondered: what in the world am I watching Gleipnir is one of those shows that screams ANIME dont you think so? Its over the top in both violence tiddies yet you cant help but enjoy everything that is being thrown at you I remember weeks back when I first started watching Gleipnir and I couldnt help but laugh at the scene where Shuichi turns into a teddybear to save some hot chick hed never seen before in his life. Its this over the top B.S. that I love about this show and if youve never seen Gleipnir yourself I bet itll hook you right in as well. The Good So lets start off with the good things about this show Our main female protagonist is amazing Shes badass hot and a little crazy. Not just that but Gleipnirs story is one you wont be able to predict. It can go from 0 to a 100 in no time and there were times where I sat at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next The reason Gleipnir is able to surprise you is because of the extensive worldbuilding we get in the first couple of episodes. I was genuinely surprised about how much worldbuilding there was for a show that only ran for 13 episodes The Bad Oh... My... God... Our male protagonist is truly horrible. This guy is the weakest most douchy guy Ive seen in quite a while and its hard to watch this show when hes on screen. All is well if hes paired up with our female protagonist as shes his hard counter... but when hes alone... Hell naaaah Besides a poorly written main character Id also like to point out that the middle part of Gleipnirs story telling is rather weak. While the world building element of this anime was so freaking awesome I couldnt say the same for the middle part. Naturally I wont be talking about the ending thats for you to figure out yourself Finally Id like to talk a little bit about the supporting characters: Sayaka for example was in my opinion a pretty cool supporting character yet most of the others were rather lackluster in all honesty. Conclusion So... is Gleipnir any good? I mean... yeah pretty much. Look what Im getting at here is: its not the next big thing. Gleipnir is not THE anime that everyone will talk about for the next couple of months. But that doesnt make it a bad anime. Like I said: its an enjoyable ride and I reckon most people will really enjoy its over the top story. Its nothing special but I enjoyed it enough to give it a slightly above average score. It deserves it Thank you for reading this review. Make sure to check out the video I provided. Itll give you some visuals and might help you decide whether or not youll be watching this anime in the future.
70 /100
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