SPOILERS AHEAD After a final 3 hour binge of Haikyuu season 3 I can say that there are lots of things that I enjoyed about it. Id say that season 3 is the strongest and the best season weve seen so far. excluding season 4 since I havent watched it yet as this is my first ever review and Im very new to this Ill just be pointing out some things that I liked about this season. Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa220https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/haikyuu/images/d/d9/S3E5.png/revision/latest/scaletowidthdown/340?cb=20161116111929 Something that this season does that Ive never seen any other anime do is have this full season revolve around 1 match. The full 10 episodes that we watch is all being taken place in 1 single volleyball match. It impressed me on how good they were able to capture my attention during this season because when I first watched the first episode of this season I thought that it would feel boring extremely stretched out for the sake of it this could be further from the truth. Although Ive never been to a volleyball match nor ever watched one before the way they structure the episodes truly makes it feel like you are watching a legitimate volleyball match. It makes it so you feel the urge to cheer on Karasuno when theyre about to pull a quick attack. Tsukishimas time to shine220https://pm1.narvii.com/6269/f364402f7de6937e72888e936f8b333ae8ec5c2ehq.jpg For those who havent seen this season yet I will put a spoiler for anything you dont wanna know yet. This season was the pinnacle of Tsukishimas character development. Not only is he the character who got the most character development this season this is also the most character development hes gotten in the entire anime so far. He started out as a cynical bastard who had no drive to succeed in the first season but finally got his shot of motivation in this season. Plot Armor???220https://www.thecinemaholic.com/wpcontent/uploads/2018/09/Haikyuu20141280x500.jpg This season had no plot armor. None nada zilch. Why am I even mentioning this in my review though? Lets be honest Im not the only who thought that they would have just a sliver of plot armor in this fight. If a school who hasnt had a good team in years suddenly comes face to face with a team thats known for strength and skill then theyre probably gonna get their asses handed to them and thats not to say that they didnt get absolutely destroyed from time to time but as I said above it really does feel like your watching a real match play out. There were several times where you thought that all hope was lost But they kept pushing and pushing. Final Thoughts220https://s4.anilist.co/file/anilistcdn/user/avatar/large/b553406wf7lpO0BOsEO.jpg Honestly if you havent watched Haikyuu season 3 then Id definitely recommend it especially because it came out in 2016 It has so many amazing points that your kinda missing out if you dont.
75 /100
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