Jagaaaaaan is a story that you might find similar to popular works like Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte it is undoubtedly inspired but is just different enough to tell a compelling story on its own accompanied with gorgeous artwork. The concept seems strange at first and the frogs might put some readers off but its important to suspend your disbelief and experience the story with an openmind. Story: The story follows Shintarou Jagasaki a neighborhood police officer who is mistreated and in his line of work and is bored of his repetitive predictable life. One day frogs rain from the sky that can jump into people and give them abilities based on their deepest inner desires and turning them into monsters. At face value the story seems very simple but it quickly branches off that structure quite early on and every arc feels very different from the other never sticking to a repetitive formula. The story is brilliant in showcasing how people are controlled by their desires how an individuals wants can change and evolve throughout time and how people react when faced directly with these desires. Muneyuki Kaneshiro is one of the greatest authors in the industry. Characters: The characters in a manga about desires obviously have to be interesting. Clashing ideologies and interesting mindsets are shown throughout characters. The MC has one of the best growth and developments in the whole series its very very visible too. Characters react and handle their newfound abilities in lots of interesting ways. Its difficult for me to explain about the characters without spoilers Ill go into detail below. Art: One the first things youll notice about Jagaaaaaan is the art. It has clean detailed artwork every character has a different interesting and attractive look to them. DoublePage spreads are filled with details clean lines and shading. The action and momentum are clear and the panel composition makes the manga flow extremely smoothly making it easy to read. SPOILER TERRITORY Although there are alot of controversial shock factor and plot points in Jagaaaaaan specifically Robahata it is not without value or purpose. Robahatas boredom and lack of interest after achieving his desire evolves him as a character showing him that his desire for sex was completely meaningless without actual connection and genuine love. His character even reaches a turning point where he realizes his mistakes and tries to redeem himself but the story ultimately punishes him for his actions which is understandable. Another interesting character is Yadori a character whos mindset I personally connect with. He has the mindset of how there are main characters and side characters in the world. Some people get alot of spotlight this could be based on looks status etc. and some people are like extras you see in a movie meaningless and boring lives. The thing is these extras have lives they have their own stories but are in the long run far less interesting and meaningful then main characters. Jagasaki at chapter 1 and chapter 100 show a clear distinct different turning a complete 180 on his desires. From hating the simple happy predictable life with his fiance to craving it with Belle. He also has very interesting ideas on what it means to carry out Justice because who is a person to decide on how true justice is supposed to be carried out. This mindset was touched upon in the HHH arc and more fleshed out in the S.K.A.T arc. END OF SPOILERS In conclusion Read Jagaaaaaan.
100 /100
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