The__ story__ isn't seemingly original at first, but as with most well made anime it becomes more complex and original for every episode that passes. The story was a complete disaster, for my brain. I was so amazed and intrigued I__ couldn't stop watching and every episode left me with a different emotion. Strong emotions of hate, love, and confusion. This is why I am most definitively giving the story a huge thumbs up__, hell I'll give it both my thumbs. The feelings I felt terrific, it was almost like I was living the story myself! Although, I suspect it might have been my brain going haywire from withdrawals. I'm serious?
Now one thing that did disappoint me was the way the anime ended, but don't let this fool you. Honestly the ending is great, I have just seen just about every supernatural anime from 1990 till today. I was able to predict not only what the ending might seem like, but almost every point. It honestly took me a while, but I was still happy it ended the way it did. Trust me, it's better to anticipate and expect a ending so cliche you hate it than be left with an unexpected utterly failure of an ending as I've seen too many times. I'm not saying which of these two it is, but I was both dissapointed and happy.

Visual and Audio wise, I got no complaints. Characters are original enough without making everyone look like they are mr Wizzy DX from Yu-gi-digi-MECHA-OH-GX-X-X-MON (no, that' not how Bob Marley says Yu-gi-digi-MECHA-OH-GX-X-X).

Bottomline, the anime is great. Try to focus on the story and less on the surrounding factors, watch it without expectation of comedy and instead of looking for comedy, comedy will look for you.


P.S 100/100 does not mean this is the best anime I have ever seen, but rating an anime with numbers is literally impossible as there are different values for everyone.

ACTUAL TL;DR: read the bold text, yeah I mentioned this last because I'm a dick and I want you to read more, it's good for you.

100 /100
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