Date a Live Fits in a category of a ecchi/mecha anime. Has fan service check 7 times the woman than men check a dense protagonist check but there is nothing wrong with that. Shido Itsuka a seeming less normal high school with a mysterious past living in a world where there are natural disaster called quakes that are as frequent as Shido meeting a new girl. Quakes are a like natural occurring nuclear bombs that devastate their surroundings. It is soon realized by Shido that the quakes have another secret they are caused by Special Disastrous Designated Creatures spirits for short. This is when where he meets his first spirit a princess clad in purple armor later to be called Tohka. My Thoughts First I am going to review the whole series a whole because all three follow the same narrative which Shido decides to save these spirits from being eradicated by the ASTantispiritteam. Lets start with the most prevalent issue the premise It gets repetitive real quick kiss the spirit seal their powers move on to the next one. It is remarkably interesting at the beginning but as the story progress the girls get less back story and character development. This leads to in my opinion some girls having more flesh stories and some getting demoted to supporting roles for the main chicks. Still Tohka all the way Yes I know the ending of the light novel. The other characters well they are interesting bunch and fit the comedic role that helps carry the story more +1 points 220 220 Lets get back to the spirits they are interesting but the anime dedicates 34 episodes to build up their stories and expect us get attach to them. This work for the first two season but the last season failed to make a genuine connection and makes those characters just background noise. Characters:Most Important Shido Itsuka: The protagonist of this show best way to describe him he is bland not much going for him. He risks his life to save these sprits has mysterious powers and has forgotten his past. Yes there are characteristics that the industry has beaten to death but you kind of have the guilty pleasure that you want him to succeed. Tohka Yatagami: The first spirit that he encounters and she is the one you will see the most. She grows on you as nave girl that is trying to learn more about the world she has a bottomless stomach and you can tell she cares deeply for the Shido. Keep emphasis that her relationship is the most fleshed out. Origami Tobichii: A Femme Fetal if I ever seen one she is a girl after Shido heart literally. She is the most straight forward of the cast and is not afraid to show it. She is powerhouse that sports an Antimaterial rifle when it comes to the competition and even though you want to sympathize with her to the point that you are routing for her in a somewhat guilty way. Kotori Itsuka: Wow She takes multiple personality to the next level she can be that sweet loving sister at one moment and boom next she will German Supplex you on the concrete from the empire state building. She has a mysterious past that manifest in hair bows. Regardless her role is by far the most crucial in all the series not just typical sister and most important she is not blood related Wink Closing Thoughts If you like echhi harem diabetes inducing scenes look no further than Date A win It provides interesting characters and overall a story that you can turn your brain off and enjoy. From the very beginning to the final episode you will captivated by the fan service cough I mean the visuals. The question is should you invest your time in watching the other season and the answer is simple Yes The series gets it gears moving in the second season and bring more spririts that make you question your allegiance. Just heed my warning be wary of the season 3 as it turns its gear to a different direction that make it feel rush and chore to get through. Not to mention as of today a season 4 has been announced in production. Overall this anime deserves a peck from Shido7/10 and give it a try if you are looking for a guilty pleasure. Not to mention with global release of there new gatcha game around the corner is the perfect time to get invested.
70 /100
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