Now this is what I call a blessed manga. Little I expected when I randomly gave this a chance a few months ago that I would be starting a work that is blazing its way into my favorites list with its amazing comedy and a cast that Im really really really really really in love with. Meet Aijou Rentarou a dude who so far has only met pain and heartbreaks when it comes to romance but all of this changes when one day the God of Love who seems to be a big Ghibli fan appears and tell him that he will meet not one nor two but a hundred soulmates during high school. This meeting sets this hilarious story into motion. Our boy Chadtarou he deserves to be called this way trust me is slowly meeting the characters forming his harem when fate makes them look at each other making them connect and instantly fall in love boy what a power. So what makes this manga good? Lots of things so far honestly starting with something that makes it very refreshing and that is pretty much the slogan of this series: There are zero losing heroines. Whenever a new girl gets introduced and proceeds to fall in love with Rentarou she becomes a part of a harem that our guy puts a ton of love into to the point that eventually depending on their personality they are okay with the others being there and in love with him as well. If the protagonist of this manga was the standard Mr. Generic McNoPersonality with zero reasons that anyone would love him other than the fact that he returned them the eraser that fell off the table during class this work would fall apart quickly but this is not our standard harem protagonist this is Chadtarou and if he doesnt become your husbando through the events of this manga I will be very upset. The amount of love he pours into each of the girls and the lengths he goes through to make them all happy is insane and makes him a character worth the appreciation the fanbase has towards him. And of course what would be of a harem without the girls? Here in The 100 Girlfriends who really really really really really love you we have everything to please everyone. You want a tsundere? Enjoy The big tittied hot girl? Of course The smart girl who thinks everything logically? A tactical decision The girl who makes drugs and that is like freaking Doraemon with the inventions she comes out with and that has two forms a small hyperactive one and a hot scientist girl one wait what? Yeah I said everything included another surprise one that I want to keep secret for this review if we dont get an alien waifu I will be disappointed. Oh and we also have Shizuka Yoshimoto everyone loves Shizuka Yoshimoto. The insanity of this supernatural setting goes perfectly along with the comedy of the series which is ridiculous and over the top full of parodies fourth wall breaking and references to other works or real life companies and due to Kusuris inventions we also have our fair share of scifi elements with the weird stuff she comes out with and that she makes sure that everyone gets a taste of. The fact that all the girls know and interact with each other because Rentarou makes sure that they are aware of the harem going on also leads to lots of fun scenarios between them that are so enjoyable to watch. I also appreciate the fact that its not all just laughs with some more serious moments that truly show the feelings of the characters and that help develop the cast and make sure you like them even more. For the mandatory comment about the art of the manga really good honestly The style and character designs are very appealing and the reactions they make add so so much to the comedy no complaints on that regard. Now I guess I have to talk about the negative points of this manga wait none so far? Yep being completely honest 25 chapters into this manga and Im loving everything about it the execution of the setting and the characters are all pleasing me immensely and every chapter is a joy to read. There is one worry tho: Im absolutely clueless about how the author behind this story is gonna pull off the setting once the cast grows to the uncontrolable amount that 30 50 and hell 100 girlfriends is eventually going to create but seeing the quality of this manga so far Im not too concerned and Im sure that he will come out with something to properly give them all enough focus once that happens. Crossing fingers that I dont have to edit this review to prove relatively younger me wrong and instead just to raise it to the 100/100 score I would give it so far if it had more chapters. This more or less marks the end to this review this manga is seriously good and Im crazy in love with it. When the resident Kaguyafag that I am who has been shilling that work for close to 5 years already is looking forward to this work weekly as much as Kaguyasama you know that something great is going on here. I hope this review convinced you to give this manga a chance chances are you wont regret it
90 /100
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