oh boy a fourth season of full metal alchemist panic Id be a lie if i said ive been waiting for this season forever since i watched this series not too long ago but its still amazing to imagine that this series having a fourth season after 8 bloody years and by a different studio at that . This season is about Amalgam not kidding around anymore and shit be getting real. Mithril and Amalgam goes into a full on clash. On the other hand Kaname is in danger . Because she is a Whispered amalgam is attempting to capture her . Therefore she can no longer live her peaceful nichijou life in her highschool . As always the romance between Kaname and Saucekey is growing evolving and is as charming as ever. Seeing their romance develop throughout the very first season until now make their love seems pretty genuine. Aside the romance they also receive a good amount of character development as well . I really liked Kaname showing signs of fear and regret when seeing some military members hurting themselves sometimes even dying in the process trying to protect her . Seeing her trying to cope with it during this season was really interesting. We are also exploring in this season a new land . NAMSAC. Which is a small but corrupted country principally ruled by money over order . There we meet new and really cool characters like nami orange haired kaname lol. As always this season is really freaking hype not wasting any time . The amount of stuff that is going on the plot twist and the run of the mill action makes this season a really great entertaining binge .they also foreshadow quite a bit throughout the season which makes the plot twist not feel like asspulls . This season is being animated by studio Xebec famously known to animate i cant believe this hentai is in shounen jump to love ru rather than kyoto animation this time . The animation quality is still pretty good .Albeit compared to the previous seasons the robots are in cgi now ah hell no not cgi me and my homies hate cgi . But the cgi for the robots is decent to good its surprisingly not horrible and you get used to it after a while . But except the robots everything is still good old 2d and the art for the 2d parts looks really good and clean the art quality is maybe the same or a little bit better than kyotos animation but this is natural due to the time of both the production of both anime The animation is overall not as good as second raid theres not really any noteworthy sakuga moment but it is still good .It isnt really a huge downgrade like youd expect because of the change of studio. The dub is pretty great in fact the whole dub of full metal panic is in my opinion better than its sub counterpart and experiencing it in dub is also better due to the nature of the series . The scripting incorporates well english slang that it seems that this series was just made to be in english the dub is just that good. And even after multiple years funimation brought the whole squad back for this dub and it was really good. The opening even.. if and the ending yes both performed by Tamaru Yamada are both bangers .Especially the ending song which i have one word to say for it yes. They also reuse some of the old classic ost of the previous seasons which might be a nostalgic touch for a lot of people. I know for me i really liked it . Overall this season is really good seeing bowser Amalgam trying to capture princess peachKaname with mario sausoukay trying to protect her is really cool . This season is labelled by full metal panic fans asthe beginning of the end or whatever .Insinuating that shit goes down harder in later seasons and this was just the introduction. This really makes me look forward for the next season that will probably not happen seeing how fmp is no longer as popular as it was . Really cool. Pretty great series as well.
85 /100
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