450https://i.ibb.co/J7TXXcm/kindpng4097886.png Story: 7/10 The story of Mob Psycho 100 is about Shigeo Kageyama a.k.a Mob. Mob is an extremely talented Esper who has insane psychic powers but just wants to be like everyone else around him. Whether that be confessing to his crush joining a club or just making friends. Mob takes on each and every knew day in search of who he truly is and his purpose in the world. For being only 101 chapters the pacing for the story does feel slow. When reading it might feel like a fight is dragging out a bit too long or the downtime between 1 fight and another feels like an eternity. That negative aside the story itself is crafted really well. With most Action series it feels like the reader is going from the results of one fight to another until the series comes to a close but with Mob Psycho 100 the downtime between fights is skillfully filled with the trials and tribulations that a normal middle schooler has to deal with. Its not just random filler to give the reader a break before the next fight. The reader gets to witness Mob grow right before their eyes. These parts of the manga are so welldesigned to the point where it made me feel as if I was reading a Coming of Age and Slice of Life manga rather than an Action one. Now its not to say that this manga doesnt have its fair share of fights because it definitely does. And the fights themselves are something to brag about as well. Just like the title of the series Mob Psycho 100 Mob unleashes a massive amount of power when he reaches 100 capacity and this makes for some very heated and entertaining fights. The fight outcomes are quite predictable if youre a veteran of Action series but that doesnt take away from the uniqueness of each fight. The countless villains Mob faces and all their different abilities make for very entertaining and fun fight sequences. The ending without spoiling anything was very satisfying. Throughout the entire series the reader learn who Mob is as a person what he holds dear and what he struggles with. As the reader watches him evolve as a person chapter after chapter it all comes to fruition at the end and the reader gets to witness the fine young man that Mob grew into. Art: 4/10 What can I say about the art except rough. From the very first page I was turned off by the art. Now the author ONE did the art for Mob Psycho 100 and if you are familiar with ONEs web comic of One Punch Man youll see the resemblance between this series and that one. However that does not take away from how poor the drawings are. Some of the characters are drawn unique enough to tell the difference from one another but majority of the time almost all the characters look the same. Its not until you get to the last couple chapters of the manga where you start seeing improvement in the art style. Now Ill give it this whenever Mob reaches his 100 capacity the way Mob is drawn is kicked up a notch and gives this dark menacing feel which fits Mob in those scenarios. Characters: 9/10 Dimple Mob Reigen Ritsu and many more. The characters in Mob Psycho 100 are amazing. So many characters lend themselves to the story in more ways in one. Whether it be Reigen helping Mob with his powers or Musashi helping Mob with his school life. ONE has created a colorful cast of lovable characters that stick with you even after youve finished the series. Rarely will a character have the same personality as the next and this lends itself to the story development even more so. For me the characters make this series for me. Not only are they there as steppingstones for Mobs growth but Mob and the others are also there for each other and every characters growth is a byproduct of that. Now what is an Action manga without some powers right? This right here is another shining point of the character designs in Mob Psycho 100. Some abilities will leave the reader thinking Thats is one awesome ability while others can leave the reader thinking Haha what a weird and funny ability. All the different abilities the characters have are all different enough to make the characters themselves standout. One character might have the ability to heal while another one can instantaneously conjure up a thunderstorm. The series does a great job exploiting the different and unique powers to keep the reader locked in during the whole duration of the series. Enjoyment: 8/10 This manga was a fun one to read. Its filled with action character development comedy and much more. It was a blast getting to see all the funny interactions with the characters the awesome fight scenes where the characters let their powers flow out and the development of Mobs character from this shy little kid to a fine young man. The culmination of the story telling and characters made this series a wonderous ride. Verdict: Overall Id recommend this manga to about just anyone. It finds its charm in being a funny little Action manga that takes you on a ride as you read chapter to chapter. Its hilarious has awesome action scenes and can even make you contemplate society and its standards. With its amazing character design and well written story its no doubt going to keep your eyes glued to the series. 500https://i.ibb.co/PtJHjX3/3.png
88 /100
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