A Personal Reflection on Blue Period 220https://012mashitalkshome.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/blueperiodmanga.jpg Blue Period is an incredibly compelling series with as the diverse range of characters from all walks of life that while falling into different character archetypes that manage to provide an interesting range of motivations and perspectives much like how art itself the main focus of the series is based upon. However instead of focusing too much on the characters Ill focus on why I think Blue Period is such an inspiring series especially to young people or students entering the next phase of schooling. Its titular character Yataro Yaguchi seems to be relatively allrounded in most regards: Studious wellliked fit but nonetheless having a delinquent aura surrounding him. He hangs out with his group of friends and hopes to get into a good university. He is on a stable path. His parents teachers and peers all believe he will eventually enter a good university and make a living. That said this all changes when he chances upon an oil painting by a fellow student. 220https://i.ur.com/zmU27AS.png This acts as a catalyst for Yaguchis deep and incredibly driven interest into art initially beginning as a hobby but soon becomes inspired to become an artist and study at Geidai one of Japans most established and prestigious art universities. Back to the point what makes Blue Period so relatable then? Like Yaguchi most of us can recall a time we became obsessed with an interest or hobby be it art playing a musical instrument writing poems/stories or even playing a sport most of which probably began in our youth. Wed pour hours upon hours researching the intricacies of these interests seeking improvement and maybe even thinking of becoming one of the greats. But Im sure many of you have probably been told by your parents or peers: Art is too uncertain a job to pursue youre not THAT talented what makes you think you can make a stable living being an artist? An interest is perhaps best left as that an interest. This dissuasion and belief of straying off the beaten path and going into more niche and uncertain career prospects are common attempts made by authority figures much like Yaguchis parents and teachers to discourage him from pursuing these interests for fear of not earning money. Your future and livelihood should come before your interests right? Blue Period seeks to reaffirm that choosing to pursue a future in these conventionally frowned upon areas are NOT foolish nor completely pointless. Yaguchis journey through art club and cram school subtly teaches him that life isnt just about seeking a good job but about being able to pursue what your passion and your dreams. Not once does the manga make a claim that Yaguchi is a prodigy at art or a breakout hit waiting to happen. His art is often juxtaposed to his fellow students many of whom are greatly talented or more creative than him and while Yaguchi is often left feeling inferior or even discouraged at whether he can get into Geidai when hes up against such tight competition he pushes on. Nonetheless Yaguchis drive and passion to continue pushing on is simply inspiring if not relatable on so many levels. There have been so many times that Ive felt that my peers are smarter than me and despite my efforts I could never score as high as them. Im sure in some way or another youd perhaps feel that sense of inferiority and Yaguchis inner thoughts perfectly crystalise that. Just because youre not the best doesnt mean you should give up. Youve already come so far and done so much why belittle yourself and resign to mediocrity? While Im only scratching the surface on the masterpiece that is Blue Period its main characters experiences seem incredibly universal to students or young people from all walks of life. Fundamentally I believe its an excellent coming of age story that teaches the value of pursuing your interests and being your best self and constantly seeking selfimprovement. And hopefully after my rambling youll give it a read too.
90 /100
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