Where to start with this anime... its a ride thats for sure This review will encompass season one and season two thoughts because I watched them backtoback on Crunchyroll where its made to seem like one season overall of 24 episodes so for me its just one big story. Do you like military anime? Comedy anime? Harem anime? Isekai anime? Fantasy anime? Well man oh man if you answered yes to all of that then you definitely want to watch GATE I cant really pick a specific genre that Id put it in because its just so ridiculous that it doesnt necessarily fit any true standards. I think thats why I liked it so much though because it is so absolutely out there. Thankfully there is sort of a plot to this anime. Its extremely loose but the key element that ties all of this together is Japan is trying to make friends with people from another world who is far behind them in technology. Its not a strong plot line but it fits well because it thus lets the story develop in fun and interesting ways as we watch the characters evolving a bit and facing interesting struggles that come from two very different worlds colliding. Its probably something many of us have thought about but few anime have really approached. Certainly even rarer that they do so in such an overwhelming way. Regardless this anime is a lot of laughs a few serious moments and a few moments that just make you really happy to watch overwhelming force be applied to selfish idiots. Its not a perfect story but its a fun one filled with fun characters. Better yet we have a diverse cast of characters and even though our main protagonist is surrounded by beautiful women for a change we arent thrown with the trope that hes a pervert the women arent for the most part throwing themselves all over him or having jealous fits of rage and romance is not the actual undercurrent of the plot. It was extremely refreshing to say the least. After a while you just get tired of the boymeetsharemgirlsfightoverhim nonsense. There really wasnt any of that here and in fact many of them harbor a lot of respect for our protagonist as a sort of savior without devolving into hero worship. At the same time we of course have our required bad guys because this wouldnt be an anime with any action if we didnt have that. This is probably the only place thats a bit lackluster because the bad guys in this instance are just morons. Straight up grade A idiots. Theyre not particularly a challenge at least not at this point in the story and thats almost a shame. For me anyways it was still fun to watch the baddies struggle uselessly against our unlikely band of heroes so why not? Not all anime need strong opposition for the heroes to fight sometimes you just want to watch the good guys win. And we did and we knew we would. Despite it having a loose plot there are some items that needed to be tiedup that havent been. This being the case one can only hope that perhaps there will be a season 3 but if there isnt then its no big loss either. Thankfully even with a few unanswered plot points we still get a relatively satisfying end that does bring closure to where we are in the story so one isnt left with an intense longing for more. Another welcome relief because as nice as it is to get new seasons its also nice to not crave them to resolve a massive cliffhanger that leaves you on the hook for over a year the struggle.
85 /100
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