320http://www.wallpaperup.com/uploads/wallpapers/2015/03/31/651457/689897e1936d9686d5ffd3c916ea50b8.jpg Your Lie In April There is a reason why almost everyone whos watched this anime loves it. Since I absolutely SUCK at summarizing anime heres the official one: Once an accomplished child pianist musical prodigy Arima Kousei lost his drive to play the piano after a traumatizing event involving his mother at the tender age of eleven. Now a regular middle school student Arima spends his days with his two best friends Watari and Tsubaki devoid of music. However his life changes dramatically after meeting Miyazono Kaori a pretty violinist every bit as brash as the way she plays. This anime is beautifully heartbreaking. Your Lie In April takes you on an emotional rollercoaster from the very beginning and doesnt stop until the moment it ends. Especially when it ends. Its the type of show that will tear you apart almost piece you back together and then just utterly destroy you. But I couldnt seem to stop watching. Its cheerful but also agonizing filled with heavy themes and dark backstories that will make you want to break down and cry for these kids. Which in my case I did. The animation is beyond stunning consistent smooth and able to portray the characters emotions perfectly and the music oh sweet baby jesus the MUSIC. The opening/closing songs elegant and precise piano playing and emotionallyappropriate background music were breathtaking and absolutely magnificent. It was some good shit. The relationship that the main characters shared was inspirational loving almost familial. It was so tightknit and you really see throughout the series just how much they depend on one another. Truth be told Kousei never says those three little words to Kaori nor does Kaori say them to Kouseis face. But like all of the other musical performances throughout the anime they didnt have to. Because their music did the talking for them. Emis passionate pleas resounded from her piano Aizas determination to defeat his longstanding rival echoed throughout the stadium and Kouseis farewell to the mother hes always feared emanated in a way that only a son could play. Therefore it is only fitting that the final performance be not one filled with selfishness anger or goodbyes its a duet from the heart of the couple that never got to be. Quote by BanjoTheBear on Reddit. The overall thing that the creators of Your lie in april wanted you to take away from the anime was that music can change lives. Sometimes life can be really hard too hard to carry on but you still gotta live it. You got to give it your best and live with no regrets. 320http://eshuushuu.net/images/20150331722937.jpeg
97 /100
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