Nyan Koi Series experience: I saw the anime a few years ago Unfortunately the manga is on indefinite hiatus. The author started a new series this year so this is probably going to remain unfinished forever. Short review: Nyan Koi is your typical high school romcom/harem but with cats so its better lol. Its actually quite funny and is a fun ride for those who do try to get into it. Full review: Warning: review contains spoilers Being one of those harem anime I dont think we should expect too much in the way of plot. Still the premise is quite cute with the cats and all. The cats are actually not side accessories in this and they have roles and entire chapters about them. I personally think the whole idea of having 100 wishes to grant does give us a direction and we while we see Junpei going through the wishes theres also a bit of development with the romances. Like the usual pattern for these kinds of stories only two girls actually have a sort of chance and well everyone is also there for fanservice. Theres no harm though as Nyan Koi does exactly as it intends and doesnt try to be overwhelming. Sadly by the latest chapter there are still plenty of wishes to go and neither Junpei nor any of the girls have seriously confessed. I would have liked to see how the entire series wraps up. The characters both humans and cats are adorable. The girls are likeable and despite a lot of them playing your typical harem roles theyre not super forgettable. The main girl Mizuno is sweet and clumsy the childhood friend was a gyaru theres of course one that was confused for a guy at first theres twins and ones a tsundere and a hot older girl with the lineup youll definitely have someone to root for. Our hero Junpei is well the usual selfinsert normal dude who manages to attract all these girls for some reason but hes not a pushover or annoying. Hes actually not a bad friend to the girls and the cats. The whole dynamic kind of reminds me of Nisekoi if youve read/seen that series. The art style is quite nice the fanservice isnt over the top and the characters are distinguishable. Overall if youre looking for a light fun and short manga to read Id say Nyan Koi fits the bill pretty well. The only thing youd have to worry about is the fact that theres no ending and there probably never will be. Plot 7/10 Art 8/10 Characters 7.5/10 Overall personal enjoyment 8/10 Top 3 fave characters Kanako Sumiyoshi I think shes really cute : shes the childhood friend so I dont think shell get the guy but Im rooting for her shes good with cats too Nagi Ichinose this dynamic is always interesting I cant imagine someone like this in real life. shes really intense most of the time but makes for good comedy so its sweet when her cute side comes out Nyamsus we stan cat momma. Nyamsus was saved by Junpei as a kid and we even get to see her backstory the other cats look up to her with good reason Others: Kotone Kirishima Ryuu Ichinose 220https://64.media.tumblr.com/0941a3354ffb72d1d9229ec5d4795a18/tumblrml4illy8LQ1rxmk5uo1400.gifv Thank you for reading
75 /100
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