We all know that feeling you get when you see a anime thats adapted from an otome you think its just bishounen garbage with a useless female main character. I watched Hakuoki Demon of the fleeting blossom thinking it wouldnt be anything great and I would just get bishounen samurai boys but man was I WRONG. This anime taught me many things and it made me feel for all its characters like as if each character was its own and not some object of love. When I finished it I felt like this anime was an action romance not once did I get the feeling that it was based of an otome. If you like a anime with an old Japanese theme action and romance that isnt a triangle than you are in for a treat. Also note this is only half the story that has a sequel. Story: 8/10 Story is one of its strong points for me. Basically the story starts with Edo born girl Yukimura Chizuru who travels to Kyoto in order to find her father who suddenly stopped sending letters to her. She sees something that she shouldnt have and the Shinsengumi put her under house arrest with the benefit of helping find her father as they too are seeking him but Yukimura has one condition she has to keep her gender a secret. Boo sounds boring right? Well theres more to it than that. What originally starts off the story with her learning about the lives of the Shinsengumi men but theres also everyones favourite : : political conflicts :: which quickly turns what Yukimura thinks of a not so bad life into blood shed loss and anger with clashes of steel you will soon learn that no one is safe and anyone can die at anytime. Not to mention that theres an rogue unsavory group who have taken interest in Yukimura who are dangerous and powerful warriors. You getting the picture now? Now add moments of Yukimuras life hanging out with the Shinsengumi and you got a good picture of what goes on in this anime. Bloodshed and carnage but holding the spirit of a honorable warrior Character: 9/10 Strongest point for me is their characters. Starting with Yukimura if you know the phrase You cant beat an Edo women than this applies she might not be strong or cut down men but her strong point is her determination. She will put her foot down even against the demon commander that all the other generals are afraid of and even the main villain. She also tries to help out with the Shinsengumi with as many tasks as possible and by that she slowly earns their trust. Each Shinsengumi general is unique one is quite sly another is a master swordsmen theres a group of 3 who consist of the mature one the brave one and a energetic one who work in harmony. The list goes on and even some of the lesser characters each have their own character and roles to play in the story no character is left behind... unless theyre dead. Music: 6/10 Its nothing amazing but it does its job. It has a nice OP and ED but otherwise soundtrack wise its appropriate when the event calls for it. Overall thoughts: Can easily say this is one of my most enjoyable anime I watched that was sourced from a otome game where I know that anything sourced from one struggles a lot on writing a story to fit an anime. If anything I felt like it doubles as a history lesson at times and many times I am wanting to watch the next episode to know what happens next. Theres moments in the show where I can really feel their frustration and anger for unfortunate events. I think if a show can make me emphasize with it than I think its a damn well made show.
80 /100
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