So I just finished Le Chevalier DEon after about 4 weeks of stopping and going with it. Admittedly I only began watching due to seeing some nice Sakuga clips on Sakugabooru Its a very strange anime Ill give it that even at the end Im not entirely sure what was going on. Im not sure if there were hints about things dropped throughout the series that I missed or if everything was just thrown in at the very end. But Ill give it this this anime is an experience for sure. Its animation and character designs are some of the best youll ever see. Its somehow very mystical while also completely grounded within reality as all of its supernatural themes must in the end wrap up in reality For this is an anime that does in fact lead up to the French Revolution Or at least thats my understanding of it. You could even consider this a semisecret history that led up to it. So would I recommend it? Ehhh Im not entirely sure. This anime for the most part is a mystery surrounding a death of course this leads to much larger discoveries. But the thing is with a mystery the most enjoyable part of it is deduction attempting to figure out the truth while watching and maybe even getting it right. But I honestly cant say someone could ever deduce the ending to this it just sorta happens. There is also a magic plot within all this. Once again Im not sure if I just missed things but certain characters were very randomly introduced forgotten about ect. Perhaps it was the vision of the production for us to know just as much as the characters? I couldnt say either way all I know is I find myself saying yet again I was simply confused. This anime is very impressive. In a sense its an epic journey and mystery with great truetolife battle choreography. Its art direction is relatively flawless and its story is interesting its just very confusing and somewhat impossible to understand at times. The truth in this anime is something so large I suppose itd be difficult to reveal it earlier and perhaps dropping larger hints to get it mightve made the truth less impactful. But I suppose this in itself is completely fallible storytelling. If it sounds like Im harping on this anime a lot I dont mean to. Like I said before its an experience I cant really compare it to anything else. Having only just finished it I honestly find most of my enjoyment coming from the more contained episodes earlier on when it was more of a mystery / quest. I did enjoy it. In my confusion I enjoyed what I enjoyed. 7.5/10 Its mystique interesting characters art animation truly carry this anime through all the confusion. Watch it if you want to experience something weirdly unique. Also... While the opening is stunning showing a characters allegiance in it completely mitigates their betrayal later on... Just saying.
75 /100
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