Its been 2 years since 3D Kanojo: Real Girl happened. Why does that matter you ask? well you see 3D Kanojo was really irritating back when it first aired depicting certain social topics in a very infuriating way to the point of being very disrespectful: From a bad depiction of a socially akward person to manipulative romance terrible friends and parents stupid misunderstandings and what not. That anime tried to tell a tale of a socially awkward person and failed at it horribly what does this have to do with Uzakichan wa asobitai? well theyre pretty similar not just in the way the characters are portrayed but in the way that both are very irritating and out of those two Uzakichan gets the cherry on the top for being the most infuriating piece of media Ive watched in my life. Up to this day I dont get why I do this to myself I guess its a masochist sport but sometimes I feel like I have to contribute with a different view of something that is often overlooked that way maybe I can help others decide whether or not something is worth their time talking about the things they might dislike. This anime starts like your usual harmless Slice of Life RomCom it starts from Uzakis PoV as she greets her senpai Sakurai cheering for a successful year in college. Time goes on and Uzaki notices that Sakurai spends his time alone doing the things he likes in the space everyone respects. Out of curiosity she then decides to try to enter in Sakurais life the next year by teasing him. On paper theres nothing wrong with this its like Teasing Master Takagisan but with college students and lewd stuff however the way this anime attempts to create a romcom is what went wrong. This anime manipulates the viewer into thinking that the way Uzaki treats Sakurai is cute which is not the case. Lets view it in Sakurais shoes instead Sakurai is minding his own business enjoying life the way he wants and then suddenly a girl comes in and starts bothering him and starts asking questions like why are you always alone? do you not have friends or anything then proceeds to mock him due to the way he spends his time and proceeds to be a bitch about it. Is it really that hard to understand when people wants AND enjoys to be by themselves? No instead This show crams Uzaki into Sakurais life like if he was a freak of nature which personality should be fixed forcing their relationship. Still not convinced? lets twist the story this way lets say that Uzaki is a boy and Sakurai is the girl. What would your reaction be if Uzaki were the boy teasing the girl instead? Gross and creepy right? Most people ALWAYS side with the girl and of course people will sympathize more with Uzaki cuz shes a girl and its cute when girls want to hang out with stalk a guy no matter if the guy wants her or not. See the problem now? Uzaki is an annoying girl that is clingy and pushy towards a boy that just want to mind his own business is it too hard to respect that? I know Sakurais dumb ass could have just rejected her he does show his annoyance but he does nothing with it which is one of the things that bothered me the most and shouldnt be ignored. This anime also spams you with exhaustive jokes with Uzakis awful smug face like: HAHAHAHA OMG YOURE SUCH A LONER COME ON YOUVE GOTTA LIVE SEMPAI OMG THATS SO VERY LONER OF YOU TO BE EXPECTED OF YOU SEMPAI Yadda yadda yadda. The way this anime depicts introverts as freaks of nature that should be forced to live the way everyone else lives their life just because introverts are simply not living it is extremely irritating. As an introvert myself I love to spend time alone and thats not a bad thing being overwhelmed with attention is not good its stressful. Also enjoying time alone doesnt mean that introverts dont like to interact with others in fact I do like it when I hang out with my friends but they understand when I dont want to hang out. People shouldnt be afraid of saying no to others those who respect your decision are true friends those who dont arent worth your time. Now I understand that the young Japanese population is very shy and need an incentive to open themselves to others but theres a difference between giving a small push and straight up force your way into their lives. I highly doubt ANYONE would like it if someone theyre not interested in forces their way in and overwhelms their life by being extremely annoying pushy and clingy the last thing theyll achieve is to be a part of their lives. This anime forces their relationship a lot everyone ships them as if they were meant to be with each other Sakurais friends constantly mock him for not taking the initiative and teases him into thinking hes an idiot for not going a step further with Uzaki. This honestly pisses me off to immeasurable amounts. Ecchi on this anime is dumb repetitive exhausting and irritating. Most of the jokes consists of shaming Sakurai in public with very suggestive scenes and dialogues. To create drama IN PUBLIC of things that can be misunderstood is uncalled for Sakurais dignity as a citizen could have been compromised just as Tsutsui from 3D Kanojo but since everything is a joke on this anime it doesnt even matter and Sakurai has no other choice but to accept it. Misunderstandings on romance anime can be fun depending on the context and the characters but this anime goes beyond stupidity with them were talking about freaking adults here not horny highschool students how does Uzakis mom think that Sakurai wants to grope her breasts without considering the fact that she has a cat on her lap? Not just that Uzakis breasts are big enough to satisfy him I could have taken it if Uzakis breast were medium size but no they had to create a dumb misunderstanding that shouldnt have happened if these characters had common sense but they dont. This anime is unfunny and most of the jokes are exhausted to the point of being unbearable if someone is able to endure OMG HAHAHA YOURE SUCH A LONER SEMPAI more than 10 times good for them but this is a bit too much the more I hear her screechy voice with that awful smug face the more unbearable it gets. Animation quality is not great it serves it purpose just fine but nothing memorable there was this fireworks episode that could have been really endearing if Uzaki werent such an annoying girl but all the emotional weight is thrown to the gutter thanks to her. Talking about her the sound department is deplorable Uzakis VA did a great job at being exceedingly annoying most of the times the characters are screaming and that is not nice to anyones ears not a single music was memorable the OP is annoying and the ED... is just there I guess. Man Im tired... Im tired of how rom/coms are portrayed nowadays. Im tired of screechy clingy annoying anime girls. Im tired of stalker girls seen as cute in anime media. Im tired of forced anime relationships with 0 chemistry. Im tired of stupid misunderstandings. Im tired of illogical ecchi scenes Im tired of anime portrayal of friends When will be the day where we see a new Rom/Com that isnt just a stupid waifu wars or waifu pandering garbage with no substance at all?
1 /100
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