After seeing so much hate for Uzakichan. I kind of got tempted into reviewing and sharing my own thoughts. I personally think the hate is unwarranted and mostly makes no sense. I have seen some good points but mostly its all about Uzaki being annoying. So they justify that to get it a terribly low score when there are some good points to discuss her at least from my own perspective. I will admit. You are not missing much by not watching the show but it still deserves praise when its due. What made it fun for me was the two quirkydorky duos of Sakurai and Uzaki herself. The fact that they are precisely the polar opposite of each other which is shown through their action and voice actors. You can feel the passion when they are doing their usual thing and as they speak. I might be the only one but I think the voice acting here was quite good. Except for when Uzaki really laughs then I do actually find her quite a bit annoying. How Sakurai broodymoody bounces of with Uzakis energetic and cheeky personality is a joy ride. Its actually flexible. We got to hear all kinds of subtle tones change depending on the situation our dorks find themself in or the other person did to the other. There is no overarching story. It follows the Sakurai he tends to spend his time alone. Whether it be in the cinema at school or even at the arcade. Then his junior out of nowhere intrudes and welcomes herself into his tedious lifestyle. And to make sure he does more than just waste his life away. From this point on it follows an episodic route with our duo getting into shenanigans or the busty Uzaki teasing the hell out of Sakurai. While at the same time they get closer to each other learn different things about each other and even find some romance blooming as they get closer and Sakurai especially starts to tolerate having Uzaki around him. Contrary to popular belief I found it cute wholesome and fun to watch when I turned my brain off and prepped some snacks. We got tons of adorable moments with these two that I adored which melted my heart or made me grin like a total dork. I kind of found myself shipping Uzaki and Sakurai together the more I watched. I enjoyed the bingeride more than I initially expected. As I was going into this initially having piled up many episodes for no real reason. I expected to be slogging through but it went far faster than I had ever imagined. Comedy is certainly a subjective topic so tell me I am not weird for enjoying Uzakichan? What keeps it running among others is the constant misunderstanding both publicly and by friends or other characters. Even the main duo tends to mistake their reason for doing something quite often creating some needless commotion but a fun one nonetheless. The running gag that has been milked into oblivion is that we are in a public area. Everything that comes out Sakurai and Uzaki mouth sounds like they are having an affair. Perhaps something intimately related and so forth. That being said I never found it boring personally and always got a giggle or two out of it. I savored the hilarious and charming banter of these quirky dorks when they were together especially. Uzaki got so much hate and I was not all about her either at first. Then I went deeper and actually came to find her chipper and energetic personality endearing. If there is one thing I am like WTF about Uzakichan its that annoying cat that just pops up here and there for no real reason. I dunno its just bothering me for some odd reason. I adored that time Uzaki became drunk and was saying things she regrets later. Theres many sweet and wholesome moments spread across the entire cour. Its true Uzaki forced into Sakurais life. But she did make sure he avoids wasting his life away. I Its true in a reallife scenario that would have the cops being called unless you enjoy the company. But this is anime so lets not be too harsh about these kinds of things. Its especially that this is fiction so we should allow it to get away with these kinds of tropes if its not harming you or anyone. Instead of hating it for the silliest reason. Sakurai was against at first but came to find her enjoyable to be with later on. As for the production its aokay nothing special or to get excited about go that traditional cute and moe style to it. While the OP is the typical catchy song that gets stuck into your head if youre not careful. ED is beautiful and a good and uplifting way to end a bustgusting episode of Uzakichan. At one point Uzaki adorable mom joined and added to the fun we where already having. The way Uzakichan does misunderstanding just works. I really dont know how to put it. Usually I hate the cheap and endless situation that adds nothing to the character or the story. But not here and I cannot seem to explain why. Uzakis mom mistaking about Sakurai being into her was just hilarious and cute for me. Then when she actually thought her own daughter was into her she killed my sides so damn much. I might be silly or a doofus for enjoying Uzakichan whatever. We enjoy what we want and people should learn to respect that and not get excessively negative for nothing. Honestly if you got some hours to kill and need a comedy that might be either hit or miss for you. Give it a go. I am personally looking forward to the sequel.
66 /100
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