Best girl So uh... Finally finished the anime.. WILL DEFINITELY READ THE MANGA because I just want more of this. The bond between Yuiga and the girls IS SO PURE but I liked Fumino Sensei the most but Fumino best girl Okay okay. So this show is a romcom harem anime. Really great. It has similar things with Quintuplets but I prefer BOKUBENs events and interaction between the girls. Youll enjoy the bond between the girls and Yuigakun as he find himself on different awkward situations I feel like misunderstandings is what make romcom fun lol I love how the anime take turns between the girls and together with Yuigakun and I think thats a pretty good balance Fumino best girl Yuiga Fumino Sensei Mafuyu Kirisu Uruka Ogata Kominamisenpai AAAAAAAA Overall I really liked this anime because of Yuigakuns interaction between the girls. Its really fun to see them study and good around with Yuigakun and I think hes pretty lucky lol. Wish there was more of Fumino and Sensei sweet moments tho FuminoSenseiKominamiUruka Ogata Would be awesome if there was a season 3 would love to see more of Fumino Sensei 3 Oh and its a solid 8/10. 10/1/20
80 /100
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