Were still a long way from where we want to go but I could stay here the rest of my life Anybody that has seen my profile can tell that Im not one to give ten out of tens easily but never have I seen such a wellcrafted and directed music video that manages to encapsulate every single aspect of the Pokmon franchise. SPOILERS AHEAD As bright and vibrant chimes open up the song the image of the four boys walking on a railroad starts to set in. Our adventure starts. As our trainers follow their journey we see the many faces weve met before the supportive friends who we have shared joy and laughter with throughout our journey and the strong foes that serve to constantly remind us how large the world is. Whether its an aerial battle with Lance of the Hoenn elite four with his iconic Dragonite or a heavyweight allout bout against Champion Steven and his shiny Mega Metagross a flood of attacks with Gym Leader Wallace and the majestic Milotic or the championship finals with the iconic Cynthia and Garchomp a high five from Iris and the majestic Diantha and Mega Gardevoir were reminded of the journey and the hardships we have faced and beyond. The bonds formed from ZMoves and the berserk and rampant gigantamax fights have never been more exciting as trainers continue to battle on. Rosa and Nate go head to head in a double battle in Unova as Tierno Trevor and Shauna smile for the camera in Kalos. As Serena and her Greninja face Mewtwo in the next region Elio Hau Gladion Selene and Lillie pose for their ZMoves as they yell ALOLA with a smile. As Hilbert and Hilda zoom out of Ns eye the scene shifts to the shadow of Mars. The light at the end of the cave illuminates the faces of Brendan and May as the door leading to the top is blocked by Blue. The final showdown plays out as Tyranitar is blocking simultaneous attacks from Blastoise Lapras and a certain Charizard. Cornered Ethan sends out Ampharos which sends a shock past Blastoise and sends Reds cap flying. GOTCHA leaves none of the journeys out and continues beyond that. The key sequences done by Matsumoto Rie are simply brilliant and wholesome. Bones is finally back to animating good content ever since Mob Psycho season 2 ended in January of 2019. Bump of Chicken managed to drop another banger of a song and its probably up there with Answer and possibly even Fighter for me. If you are a Pokmon fan GOTCHA leaves nothing to be desired. My rate: 10/10 Were still a long way from where we want to go but I could stay here for the rest of my life. Next to you here by your side my soul cries out that this is where I belong. Through tears through laughter through good times or bad I want you in the good seats our breaths in perfect harmony 220https://i.ur.com/XTDvwld.jpg Pokmon Special Music Video GOTCHA BUMP OF CHICKEN Acacia https://www..com/watch?v=BoZ0Zwab6Oc
100 /100
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