Yuki Kana Hanazawa gets caught up in a fight between two teenage boys who can control alien creatures. What is perhaps the most famous oneman anime project goes by the name of Cencoroll. With financial backing from the nowdefunct Anime Innovation Tokyo Atsuya Uki managed to adapt his awardwinning oneshot Amon Game all alone. Cencoroll is a bright example of independent animations strengths: all of its enigmatic story to an iconic superflat style is one artists uncompromised vision. Cencorolls setting raises many questions and it might frustrate viewers how little the 27minute movie answers. The films sparse sound direction and plain character designs exude a sense of normalcy which sometimes feels detached from the alien spectacle. The main casts muted yet detailed performances keep it grounded as to immerse the viewer better into its worldbuilding. The homely atmosphere paired with Ukis meticulous background art are captivating and once the viewer is fully captivated is when Cencoroll starts violently morphing. Its remarkable how Atsuya Uki adapts and reaps the benefits of animation without sacrificing his strengths as an illustrator. Amon Game struggled to convey motion with its chaotic panels but animes larger canvas keeps movement understandable in ambitious compositions Despite Ukis inexperience he has a strong sense for pretty shots and makes sure to incorporate lots of objects in the background to always convey scale. While Cencoroll confidently lingers in its backdrops it has no trouble exploding into animation. They are fierce bursts like the alien creatures fluid morphing or flying debris after one of many violent impacts Cencorolls tremendous success caused Atsuya Ukis popularity to soar to the detriment of the sequels production. Animating an entire painstakingly detailed shortlength film was already a herculean task but now he had to juggle other responsibilities along with it. It wasnt until after Cencorolls tenyear anniversary that its sequel was released in a joint screening aptly titled Cencoroll Connect Its easy to see why part two took that long to materialize. Uki still doesnt cut corners or sacrifice frames to what isnt directly his vision. In fact he ambitiously doubles down in Cencoroll 2s 48minute runtime. The sequel takes a longer time fleshing out its narrative and increases the mystery by introducing new characters each with their own controllable alien. Cencoroll Connects epilogue announced a muchneeded part three whose tensecond preview already raises new questions. Hopefully it doesnt take another ten years before I can cover that installment I cant wait to reside in the beauty of Atsuya Ukis superflat world once again.
80 /100
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