Review 2 Burn The Witch After completing Burn The Witch it feels like I just completely skipped the first 9 episodes of a 12 episode series and only watched episodes 1012. It also feels like Im watching a 3 episode OVA and not a movie. Why are they calling this a movie when this is split into three 20 minute parts? This whole thing honestly annoys me a bit. Before watching this I thought I was getting myself into a show rather than a movie you know a show with like 1224 episodes in it. I realized its not that at all after watching the first episode or whatever. When I thought this was a show I was extremely impressed with its art/animation and the overall aesthetic which is funny because its not a show. Anyways I was pretty disappointed with this whole thing. When I read the synopsis and saw the trailer I was super interested. I loved the idea and thought the premise seemed sort of interesting. Unfortunately with its 60minute runtime nothing is explored enough. The setting the characters the magic the dragons the mystery arent explored and thought out deeply. Instead of exploring those things most of the 60 minute runtime is cool action and decent comedy. It really is a shame because If this was a 12 episode series then I feel like Burn The Witch wouldve been so much better. The characters were pretty interesting. I think my favorite character has to be Noel because I like her idgaf/monotone personality. She just seems chill but at the same time she is pretty funny to me. However since the characters arent explored that muchmeaning very little backstory or character development if one of the 2 main character for some reason died I dont think I would care that much emotionally because I dont much about them. Again we only got to see them for 60 minutes thats is just not enough. And with the story again it just feels so rushed and unfinished. The movie is pretty enjoyable at times but there is just no depth. On some minor positive notes the magic seemed pretty unique from other magic anime Ive watched in the past. I liked the character designs a lot the designs fit pretty well with the setting of the show. The dragons looked pretty neat as well. I like that the show takes place in London. Im from the US but seeing an anime taking place in London is pretty cool. Only shows I can remember that take place in the UK would be Hellsing and Princess PrincipalI havent seen Black Butler yet so...but that will happen someday dammit lol. In conclusion I just feel like this wouldve been better off as a 1224 episode series and not some short little movie. The action was incredible characters seemed cool but there really isnt much to say for this. Pros: Pro Score 5/10 Great art/animation + + not a major pro but good animation is still something thats needed so 2+ Cool action and decent comedy + + good Nice character designs + character designs arent a major pro so gets 1+ Cons: Con score 9/10 Rushed story/Only 60minutes big mistake as it can cause confusion plot holes leaves me with more questions than answers No depth in its characters and setting big mistake as it makes the show uninteresting
45 /100
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