Gintama is a fantastic series and one that quickly became a favorite of mine although not without problems. One of my biggest problems with this series when first watching it was season 3 and Courtesan of a Nation in specific. My feelings on the arc now are much different but lets just go over my entire experience up to this point and explain why Courtesan disappointed me at first and what I feel about it now after a rewatch of the arc. Spoilers for The first 3 seasons of Gintama. I initial dropped Gintama after about 6 episodes much like a few of my other favorites and it took me until episode 8 to really get invested and grow to love this series. A lot of ups and downs along the way but the main things I want to highlight for season 1 here are Yoshiwara in Flames and Red Spider. Yoshiwara was my short term goal when picking up Gintama for the second time. I wanted to meet Tsukuyo. I thought she would be a great character and fit my taste extremely well and I was right. As soon as I saw her I fell in love with her character. She ended up being my favorite in the series by the end of Yoshiwara. Although the arc had some incredible moments alongside her she was the main reason I enjoyed this arc as much as I did. Later in season 1 she fully became my irreplacable favorite in Gintama and also my fourth overall. Red Spider is my favorite arc in Gintama even anime as a whole. It resonated deeply with me and it meant a lot to me seeing this story in Gintama. Tsukuyos story in Yoshiwara is great. Shes adorable and sweet but also very strong and capable. It doesnt have to give you much more than what it does to make Tsukuyo a great character and get my hopes up for even more of her story but Red Spider blows it out of the water. An entire arc dedicated to Tsukuyo and her own weaknesses and past traumas. Not to mention the incredible use of color and symbolism in this arc. Its my favorite because of those things and my own personal experiences with trauma and how I cope and deal with my problems. I see so much of my self in Tsukuyo and this arc only reinforces those feelings. Seeing her struggle to open up and rely on others being afraid of being a burden and ultimately Gintoki helping her and telling her its okay meant a lot to me. Although Gakkou Gurashi helped me learn these lessons already Gintama truly struck a cord with me. Its exploration of Tsukuyo and those traumatic experiences and feelings are incredible. Its a pretty face carrying a clean soul. My favorite Gintama quote and one that captures the entire essence and feeling of Tsukuyo as a character. Her scars are the path she chose to lead and although they may be a result of those traumatic experiences they will always be hopeful and a reminder that Tsukuyo controls her own path in life and no one else. She found people to love and cherish who will help her through her problems. That is why this arc is so important and meaningful to me. Season 2 doesnt have any arcs dedicated to Tsukuyo and her growth but does have a lot of really great stand alone episodes with her and I love all of them. Whats most important about S2 in this case is Four Devas. My second favorite arc and one moment in specific that absolutely amazed and shocked me. Gintoki and Jirochos fight. Seeing Gin snap hit me incredibly hard. It is one of my favorite moments in the entire series and practically made the entire arc on its own but why is it important for season 3? More specifically Courtesan? Its one of the biggest reasons Courtesan disappointed me. I watched all of Gintama in about 3 months so when I got to Courtesan I was still sort of fresh off the excitement of Four Devas and had very high hopes that it would go beyond those moments and give me even more incredible moments. It did not do that the first time around. Gintoki DOES snap again but it is short lived this time around so I waited the entire arc for him to get badass and do it again but it never came. I ended up disappointed despite crying at the ending and thinking it was gorgeous. Despite the beginning being incredible and everything interesting going on with Nobume. My expectations from prior arcs made Courtesan worse. However on rewatch I loved this arc. It became one of my favorites almost immediately and I loved every moment of it. Parts that disappointed me originally were beautifully done and even fantastic. I think part of that is because I knew where the story was going from there but I also recognized just how incredible it is as closure for Tsukuyo this time around. Tsukuyo is a major part of Courtesan of a Nation. Her last time being in the spotlight of a serious arc although her character grows more even beyond this point. She is the most important character in it. She finally begins to trust in others and get help from her friends. She made the promise with everyone to come back safe and alive. When Gintoki got shot by Isaburo she was the one to put her life at risk to protect him. Courtesan completes Tsukuyos arc in a beautiful way and gives closure to her past mistakes. She becomes more open and loving towards those she cares about and more accepting of her femininity although still a little embarrassed by it. This is why I love Courtesan of a Nation now. For the closure it gives on Tsukuyos story.
95 /100
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