Story 10/10 Its subarashii. Its simple on the surface but its open to a ton of possibilities. Riko wants to travel into the abyss to find her mother and when she finds a robotlike creature that came from the abyss that was her opportunity to venture into the abyss. Each layer apart from one and three have their own story to tell. Theyre all very unique in their own way but pulling my emotions around like its a game of tugowar is a common occurrence. Sometimes I dont feel like the story is about Riko. I feel as if its about the abyss itself and Riko is just the outlet to tell the story of the abyss. The further the story goes along the more and more you learn about the epicness and cruelty of the abyss. It always has something new to give and it is almost always enjoyable even if its very depressing at times. I end up caring less and less about Riko and start caring more and more about everything thats going on around her. There is so much to tell in this large hole and the manga tells it all greatly. Character 10/10 The characters are perfect for what Made in Abyss is. The main protagonist is Riko. She is a soft and innocent child diving into the abyss with a robotlike kid named Reg. Riko is an extremely curious individual and ignores risks to satisfy her curiosity about the abyss and what happened to her mother. This paired with the monstrosity of the abyss is not a good combination at all but its half of what makes her character shine. She also has some odd charisma which just makes me wish for her success. She is a good protagonist even though she isnt even close to being the best character. She also has great survival skills despite being weak which is what makes her a great pair with Reg. The second main character is Reg. He came from the abyss but he lost his memories about it. His drive like Rikos is also curiosity. but instead of being curious about the abyss its all about himself and his past. His relationship with Riko is one of the best parts of the manga and it distracts me from the abyss which is needed. Then there is Nanachi. She has a troubled past along with another character named Mitty. I wont go into detail but seeing how this troubled past follows her around is one of the most interesting parts of the entire manga. Also seeing how she in particular was affected by the abyss makes me wish to flood the abyss. Next I shall introduce you to a very subarashii character. Bondrewd. In terms of morality hes completely lacking. He does awful things but is the perfect example of what a monstrosity the abyss is. He lacks in morality heavily but hes not really wrong in what he does. One of the things that make the abyss so cruel is the curse of the abyss. Bondrewd does research on the curse and he made so much progress on the research using awful means. He is also an extremely loving and caring guy and he loves and sees everyone he experiments on as human That doesnt make it any better but hes still interesting and extremely loveable. I dont want to go into detail about the other characters but the entire cast is all unique and loveable. Art 8/10 The character designs are either adorable or terrifying or both. The art style is cute it especially shows with Reg and Nanachi. I saw a panel of the two and they were adorable in that picture so it enticed me to start reading it. The clarity isnt the best but it doesnt really need to be too clear. Some of the landscape looks great and I love it. Conclusion 10/10 Welp I finished the review of my favorite manga. It isnt something I would say is for everyone seeing how its very violent and disturbing at times but the abyss just makes me want to keep reading. The cast of these great characters is just a bonus. I love it.
100 /100
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