A wonderful show about a boy with no confidence in himself and no idea how he should live his life. Completely listless he simply does what other people around him want him to do in the hopes that hell find acceptance. Afraid of his powers hes been forced to live repressed unable to talk about who he really is. Needless to say plenty of people can see themselves in Mob myself included. This show really hones in on just about every anxiety one had back at that age. Trying to live up to others expectations while also figuring out who you are. The central idea of the show is that when Mob gets stressed out and pushed past his limit he expresses himself the only way he really knows how: with rage. Its again something I can relate to. When you spend most of your time hiding your emotions rage is the only thing strong enough that can build and build up until you simply cant control it anymore. Often hurting those around you even when theyre people you love. After which comes immediate shame and the desire to simply be another person. Mob has two main guides in life. The first is his master Reigen. A con man that has convinced Mob that hes a psychic like him and can help him control his powers. Despite being a con man his cons are somewhat innocuous as he truly wants to help people Mob in particular. While his words may be empty to others they carry the weight they need. He gives genuinely good advice and wants the absolute best for Mob. The other guide is the Body Improvement Club. A club that Mob joined more or less on a whim in an attempt to make himself more attractive. Despite the superficial reasons and his frail body the club welcomes him with open arms and are constantly supportive of him never once judging him or making fun of him. It seems very intentional to me that Reigen and the Body Improvement Club are not psychics like Mob at all yet theyre his biggest supporters. The show repeatedly stresses that even though Mob is unfathomably strong hes not any better than anyone else. He is ultimately an average joe. Why shouldnt he get support from people that dont share his narrow specialty? To me it seemed to be saying that even though we all have different stuff were good at were all ultimately in the same boat. Just trying to live and no one can make it alone. We all need help from others. Even Mob as strong as he is needs support even from normal people. Mob and his brother present such a great dynamic. Both are jealous of what the other doesnt have and think things would simply be better if they could adopt these traits. Mob doesnt care that Ritsu cant use psychic powers. However these feelings of essentially unconditional love were warped into feelings of inadequacy. Mob doesnt value psychic powers because its mundane to him. But to Ritsu its everything. This sort of thing is a repeated occurrence throughout the show. Mob is always kind to everyone to fault even. However even when one has the most genuinely kind intentions it sometimes can just backfire. Its what makes socializing and interacting with people so difficult. The shows answer to this is rather simple and delivered via the Body Improvement Club. To fight on to keep trying. No matter how much you fail get back up and go at it again. Its rough no one will say it isnt. but its all we normal humans can do.
94 /100
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