Had the privilege of seeing this in Cinemas. And as such I didnt have the opportunity of pausing it every few seconds to talk about how I feelbut I still have some things to say. Firstly what Id give the movie overall its a clean 70/100. I put the rating first so itll be easier for me to explain why. Story: 6/10 I would say hear me out on this but Im pretty sure that the general consensus on this series story is that it is just basic af. The movie is no different since well its still adapting the same story. Theres nothing innovative nothing new being done but it aint bad it just isnt special either hence the score. Characters: 7/10 Im actually willing to give this higher/lower depending on who Im talking to. For a generic shonen buff the characters are awesome. You have inspiring trope the brave and unwavering MC and two quirky supporting characters. For someone of my taste its plain. Not bad again just plain. Characters in KnY can be found in almost every single action shonen so it doesnt really stand out to me. However I do think that the characters in this show are way more sympathetic and one spoiler scene in the movie got me a little down. So yea its generic but slightly better. Animation: 10/10 Hands up everyone who saw this coming. No fucking shit its gonna get a 10 for animation. Ufotable outdid themselves when they aired the TV series last year and they outdid themselves this year again with this movie. This shit hits different when seen on the big screen the colours the drawings and the fight scenes are truly something to be marveled at. I cannot for the life of me stress how amazing the animation is and cant ever express my thanks to everyone on the art team for this show. It is simply one of the most crisp animations and art styles Ive ever seen. Direction : 4/10 One of the few negative points of the movie to me. The direction of this show is simply not good. Many many many repetitive shots of whatever the story is trying to emphasize. E.g 3 overhead shots in the span of 5mins during the last arc of the movie. Very predictable directions as well due to the previous point to the point where I can already tell whats going to happen without actually having any prior knowledge. Lastly there was nothing innovative. The adaptation feels like a flat out copypaste of the manga pages a lot of important stuff were omitted/not explained making it super super hard for anyone who hasnt seen the original series to keep up. And before I get clowned for this its marketed as a movie so its clearly meant for firsttimers as well as returnees. A good example of a movie with good backstory explanations/summary is Detective Conan. No matter which movie it is it always begins with a brief backstory to help newcomers familiarize. This is how you do marketing for a movie that can be enjoyed by both parties. Music 4/10 Lastly and sort of least the music. Nothing particularly interesting here. They practically repeated Kamado Tanjiro no Uta in like 3 different versions throughout the impactful scenes in the movie we have a Hum version a lalala version and bits of the original. Thats all. Conclusion I have a slight love/hate relationship with this show. On one hand I do not think it does anything particularly special on the outside. Yet i would recommend this series to almost anybody who wants a taste of what shonen is like at its absolute peak that in having godly animation and super fucking creepily amazing fights. Lastly lastly to help you better understand how I feel about this movie I will give you a short statement. Did I think it was an amazing movie? Ans : Nope. Would I watch it again? Ans: 100 would anyday. You literally cannot miss the epitome of shonen animation.
70 /100
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