With the insane amount of anime coming out every season its very easy to forget about 70 of all the new shows you watch especially if you have been following seasonal anime for years. This is probably the reason why a lot of veteran anime fans are falling out of anime. If you relate to this then I highly advise you to read Manga. Even if you have read a lot of Manga then you should still read more Manga. Because Manga is a medium that you can never get tired of. Because anime is divided into seasons its easy to watch both popular overrated and hidden gem type of shows. But since hundreds of manga are being released every day it is impossible to read every single currently serializing manga and keep up with them. Thats why there are a lot more hidden gem mangas than anime. And the manga I will be reviewing today is one of these hidden gem mangas. Were New At This is a romcom ecchi manga. Its about our main couple Sumika and Ikuma who are childhood friends that got married. Pretty generic. But the twist is that even though they are married they have never played Fortnite together. I am copying Gigguks joke here to follow the review guidelines. So the whole driving force of the series is them trying to get each other into the mood to play Fortnite. And this is actually pretty revolutionary. I mean protagonists of any romcom manga or anime think the lewdest thing in all of history is holding hands. So the fact that this manga is about getting the couple to play Fortnite is pretty unique. This manga is extremely cute. Most of the manga the characters have a really cute chibi look but the art style changes to a shoujo style during the spicy scenes. 220https://pm1.narvii.com/7047/b2ea5c1cc06f5a143381c85a6683af5c44078e86r1750821v2hq.jpg 220https://i.pin.com/564x/dc/c2/52/dcc252b8db54077ba2b1b3d059a565bc.jpg The best part of this manga is the character dynamics. Not just between Sumika and Ikuma but the side characters as well. Thats why even if you feel like this is boring just seeing the characters talk is fun enough to continue the manga. If we are gonna talk about Manga we have to talk about hiatus which is one of the things that stop people to get into Manga. And luckily that does not seem to be a problem with this Manga. But that does also depend on when you read this. But around the time I am writing this the chapters are releasing pretty regularly. The main point of this review is that if you feel like you are in an anime burnout then the best solution is reading manga especially the less popular ones. And I think this manga is a perfect manga to start with especially if you like a more mature take on romcoms. And if you love it then you can brag about the fact that you read underrated series. There is a huge number of mangas like this so if you think that this is copying another manga then thats your problem. The point of this review is to convince you to read underrated manga. I am gonna finish the review here. If you liked the manga then please dm me on discord. I really want to talk to people about these types of manga. My discord tag is hayatehisashi4634. Byeee.
86 /100
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