This manga is good. This review will contain spoilers for Chapter 7 to 11 Shuumatsu no Valkyries premise is simple yet intense. Every 1000 years Gods from different religions and cultures gather at the Valhalla Arena where they discuss the fate of humanity. The Gods agree and just as Zeus is about to punish all of humanity a Valkyrie Brunhild steps in and states her opinion telling the Gods to give humanity another chance and if they dont theyre cowards. This instigates them yet interests some of them. Thus 13 Gods and 13 humans are selected to fight each other in a 1 on 1 fight. If the Gods win seven fights humanity will be destroyed but if the humans win seven fights humanity lives on. I havent read anything else from the authors Takumi Fukui and Shinya Umermra but how they write the fights is amazing. Chika Aji the artist is working on a manga for the first time and you can see how great the communication between the story and art is. Speaking of the art theres mental and/or physical conflicts in every single chapter. And whenever theres a conflict of either the art is detailed messy and beautiful. You can tell how powerful and how a character feels from the art. What makes this Shuumatsu so great however are the characters. Of course theyre based on real Gods and real humans in a fictional story but seeing them interact with each other is by far the most interesting part. Each contender has their own reason for fighting not just for the sake or harm of humanity but their own personal reason. From the fight about excitement and respecting each other to a fight about what it means to be humans. Despite only having 39 chapters with 4 fights every moment feels great. My favorite fight by far has to be the Adam vs Zeus fight. What makes it such a good fight is who they are. Adam was the first human being has several children and lived a peaceful life until his wife was accused of a crime. Instead of the typical rage filled punch to the wrongdoers he simply tells his wife that it doesnt matter what happens and theyll just move away from the Garden of Eden and start a new life whereas the most horrifying God yet. He comes off as a feeble old man but is the strongest craziest one. Filled with the excitement for a fight his jumpy attitude and perverted mindset hes horrifying. Despite the crimes higher beings committed towards Adams family Adam never gets angry and always remains calm. The reason why he isnt fighting isnt for revenge but for the safety of his family. Its such a beautiful read and I wholeheartedly plead to you to read it if you enjoy tournament stories.
92 /100
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