This anime is by far one of the best Ive watched next to Kuroko no Basket and Big Windup which hooked me up on sports anime in the first place. I first came across this anime on a top ten list on this anime being number one on that list. I figured Id give it a try and see what its about but after one episode I fell in love with it and couldnt turn it off... That is until I got to season two episode nine. Haikyuu is very energetic and fun to watch as well as it always keeps me on the edge of my seat and unable to tell who is going to win or lose the match in the end which is new to me because most of the others Ive watched I could easily tell if they would win or lose. The characters are refreshing and funny to watch especially the expressions. Even some of the quiet and normally indifferent characters turn out to be likeable after a while such as the manager Shimizu and Tsukishima the other spiker. Though it would still be hinata and kageyama who are my favorite characters due to their clashing personalities and extreme rivalry/ friendship. And while I usually dont like when the anime focuses on other characters for an episode or two I found that I didnt mind it all here in fact I rather enjoyed it. Lastly and I think the most important thing is the rivalries. Now I know every sports anime has this however to me it feels like Haikyuu took it a step further. The anime I watched had the traditional rivalry where the main characters or characters would keep training to get stronger just to surpass their rivals and miracously after a couple of practice matches and training they would do so almost easily however with this anime The rivalries were also friendships formed by the teams. Like even though they were on different teams the more developed teams still helped Karasuno develop their skills after practicing against them as well as giving some of the teammates individual help to make them stronger as a player. Not to mention how when they werent playing against each other they were shown actually hanging out with their rivals and being really friendly towards each other. This is defiantly one of those few anime that I hope will go on for a long time and even then will still be sad to see it end. On my top ten anime to watch list this will no doubt be number one.
98 /100
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