Honestly I would have never taken the time to watch any kind of Netflix baloney of my own volition. I watched this out of pure recommendation just because I heard it was about death metal a genre of music that relaxes me and frankly I laughed. I found myself laughing many times. And also headbanging and dancing in my panties all over my room. If I understand this well its created for the Japanese branch of Netflix and I have no idea if it had any kind of occidental influence or money because the series really has a sort of Nintendo style to it. It looks like a longlost rhythm game for the DS if anything. A time when videogames were art pls dad my degree isnt useless Im an artist who plays very important and smart boy games like FF7 which has a very deep story so it is art and videogames are art Roger Ebert is an idioooot. 220http://multiversitystatic.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2020/03/Aggretsuko2featured.jpg These critters are cute the facial expressions they pull even just how they move by going from the foreground to the back reminding me of Paper Mario at times. The soundtrack to this series is pure bliss to my ears be it at the karaoke when they yell a lot of METAL or even just the ambient music that plays all throughout the show. Not displeasing to my senses at all. Even more if one gets hooked to the esthetic of cuteness meeting its aggressive side. 220https://miro.medium.com/max/3000/1FPGRLIa9GzlrkvAzgQCJA.jpeg Good thing that the episodes are really short and no plot really gets developed. This makes the show really easy to enjoy never really a time where to get bored or fill the series up with filler and bad animation. One punchline follows another and the whole thing is coherent. The Hippopotamus was a highlight talking some fast bullshit and moving wildly. Also they didnt spare themselves from screaming a lot of metal so its all good. Honestly I dont know if this could ever be displeasing but even if the whole thing was one big publicity for some plushies I enjoyed myself more than whatever latest DreamWorks piece of crap is out at the time you read this review. It was all very stupid but never really felt heavy. This show isnt the brightest bulb but there was some nice common sense in mockingly depicting the Japanese work culture the characters are very broad caricatures. So the whole thing doesnt feel like youre being taken for an idiot with a wallet. The whole show complimented its goal well and there wouldnt be anything more to add if the 2200 characters rule didnt force you to uselessly fill the quota there isnt that much more to be said about this show honestly now let me post this.
70 /100
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