Note: I rate purely based on enjoyment so the score may seem inflated. If you wanna know about my scoring standards check my profile : Sukitte Ii na yo. AKA Sukinayo Relatively Spoilerfree Overview: If I were to tell you to think about anime that takes place in a school shows like Toradora Clannad and Bunny Girl Senpai most likely come to mind. One that isnt brought up often is Sukinayo and thats a shame because this anime is really good. One of Sukinayos greatest strengths is how its plot and characters are structured. Instead of the typical story where we follow a dense male mc as he attempts to court a tsundere or whatever we follow a kuudere girl as she more or less learns social skills she missed along with learning how to be in a relationship with someone after isolating herself for 16 years for reasons I will not spoil. I will elaborate on this below. 400 Plot: Besides the fact that this plot structure of following a kuudere girl rather than a dense male on its own makes this show interesting this dynamic makes melodrama a positive addition. I know crazy right? The melodrama is what progresses Meis understanding of what it means to be friends and lovers with someone so for once melodrama is good unlike some other shows I will not mention for the sake of not getting flamed. The story wraps itself up well but of course if you want the full experience the manga is there for you to read. Music and Art: Usually I dont really care about the music or art style as long as its good enough that it wont annoy me but Sukinayo knocks it out of the park with their art style and music. The art style of the characters takes a little to get used to but after the first episode or 2 I found myself really liking the style. I think it gives the artists a lot to work with in terms of facial expressions. The music is also great the ED of this show is among my favorites see below. Characters: Characters are both a strength and minor weakness of this show. Mei Yamato Asami Nakanishi and Takemura were all amazing characters with a lot to offer. My favorite probably being Takemura because MODERATE SPOILERS: Some of the other characters are where I point out a minor weakness. Some of them like Hayakawa suffer from what Im dubbing The Masuzu Effect where they are obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious like Masuzu from Oreshura. I find this trope annoying because I dont find these characters redeemable if all they are there for is to be annoying for the sake of advancing the plot. This is only a minor weakness though because like I said melodrama actually kinda works with this show. 400 Verdict and tl:dr: I hesitate to call this show a mustwatch however its definitely worth a watch. Sukinayo is a realistic wholesome yet serious look at a moreorless oversaturated genre. Its a shame how little credit this show gets despite its subjective quality. If you liked Sukinayo you would most likely enjoy and vice versa: Kimi Ni Todoke Golden Time P.S I typically watch slice of life/romance anime so if you want recommendations or just want to chat feel free to check out my profile or send me a message. Thanks for reading :
90 /100
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