Originally written on December 22 2015. Can also be read herehttps://miyakosuzushimareviews.blogspot.com/2015/12/karekanomangareview.html and herehttps://myanimelist.net/reviews.php?id=206473. Most if not all people go through a phase of selfdiscovery. They may try to act as if they are someone who they really arent but someone may break down those walls that hide who you really are. Is this person the one you love? Well probably Well with that being said this manga is one that Ive been wanting to read for quite a while and by alternating between reading online and checking out volumes of it from the local library I managed to read it all of the way through. I have to say I made the right choice. Ladies and gentlemen queens of vanity everywhere here is my review of the longrunning manga Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou Kare Kano for short known in English as His and Her Circumstances. Yukino Miyazawa is seen as a perfect girl by her classmates but in reality thats not how shes like she just acts that way as a way to get attention. Thats why when she enters high school and a boy named Souchirou Arima takes her number one spot man is she ticked If that wasnt bad enough for her her secret is discovered.... by Souchirou of all people However Yukino comes to discover that she and Souchirou have more in common than she thought and they end up becoming friends and eventually lovers. Kare Kano is basically what happens as the two of them fall in love and finally reveal their true selves to everyone else. The story of Kare Kano.... it was FANTASTIC It starts off cute and fluffy but it later becomes quite deep. There was quite a great amount of character development especially for Yukino and Souichirou. Yukino may seem like a despicable character at first but shes actually a fun protagonist to follow. Souichirou her love interest was probably even more interesting though he had a very deep backstory and its pretty obvious that he cares for Yukino. Besides Yukino and Souchirou there are quite a few supporting characters. For example Asapin a friend of Yukino and Souichirou was a very funny character and although I didnt like Tsubasa who used to like Souichirou at first the character development she got me to like her. Lets not forget the artwork though Masami Tsuda was the one who both wrote the story and drew the artwork for this manga and she did the art as great as the story. The artwork was very welldrawn the character designs were solid and the chibis that pop up every now and again are very cute. Honestly there is no way I can really describe the artwork but I really mean what I say when I say its great artwork for a great manga. Yes I know that Kare Kano has an anime adaptation I knew about it before I read the manga. Im really excited to start watching it and the manga just made me even more excited Im just going to say that overall Kare Kano was a great manga. Id recommend it to any and all romance fans looking for a great story with wonderful character development matched with solid artwork. It really shows you that you should just be yourself because even if most people dont accept you there will always be someone who will.
93 /100
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