Extramarital Affairs and Travelling to the North of Japan to Eat Crabs: The Manga This is my first review so dont expect it to be perfect. Its mostly spoilerfree. Summary This manga is about a man who after an unsuccessful suicide attempt goes to the library and chances upon a beautiful married woman. He then follows her and proceeds to rape rob and extort money from her. Strangely enough she complies with his requests and over a cup of coffee she inquires about his plans. He replies that he was planning to die but before that he wanted to eat crab in Hokkaido. The woman decides to tag along and fund their trip to Hokkaido. Story 7/10 From the summary you can already tell how messed up the story is. I wouldnt blame you if you read the whole thing and still hated the characters as well as their actions. If youre looking for a story that upholds good morals especially when it comes to relationships then this isnt the manga for you. In fact the plot is probably better if you read the manga as though it was pornography. However if you could get past the cheating and nonconsensual sex the storys just okay. In my opinion the plots execution couldve been better and some scenes and characters were unnecessary. What I do like is that the manga isnt afraid to portray the characters filth. It hands you whats possibly a hot pile of garbage and says It is what it is. Art 6/10 Compared to other mangas out there the arts definitely lacking. Although the colored pages are beautiful sometimes the anatomy is inconsistent. Other times the arts pretty on point. Overall 6.5 If youre a fan of wholesome romance then Yuki Onna to Kani wo Kuu is definitely not for you. The storys not a masterpiece the art is just decent and the characters are scummy. However if you do give it a shot the mangas bound to maybe mildly surprise you a few times. SPOILERFILLED COMMENTS Okay now that Ive got that out of the way I wanted to briefly touch on one of the mangas imperfect yet redeeming aspects: the ending. The story Night on the Galactic Railroad pops up in this manga a few times. If youre familiar with it then the first time its mentioned you could easily tell that its foreshadowing for the future. Near the end Kita has doubts about ending his life while Ayames determined to die. In a twist of fate Ayame survives which is a good thing because the idea of Kita keeping a corpse in a car disturbs me. Maybe Im too gullible but I actually thought the manga would end with Kita alive yet all alone. An alternate reality where Campanella jumps off the train didnt cross my mind. Im glad the manga ended the way it did. We readers have come a long way from NTR to melodrama. And funnily enough I admire the insight it gives at the end: ...Something even more beautiful than the Milky Way. Unlike the stars these hills bloom with flowers of different color every year. Its a spectacle you can only enjoy if youre alive. Now thats a quote I wont easily forget.
65 /100
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