Hello, and welcome to my review of おくさまが生徒会長, or in English, My Wife Is The Student Council President. First flaw is that she isn't even really his wife, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I hope you enjoy.

Story: 2
Honestly, if you haven't watched this series, I'll summarize it for you. It's a fap fodder show. You watch the characters do basically non-essential stuff before Wakana or some other girl suddenly gets into whatever fap moment the episode shows. I must criticize the Student Council President part, because while yes, she is the Student Council President, THE STUDENT COUNCIL DOES BASICALLY NOTHING. You know the most important thing she did? Made it acceptable for people to hold hands. FANTASTIC LEADERSHIP WAKANA, A FUCKING PLUS. We see a rather shitty "love triangle" if you want to call it that, where Misumi also gets into sexual situations, and since she has bigger breasts, she's obviously chasing after the guy and also had more fap worthy moments. I must also say that Izumi is basically the only guy character, which makes it even more possible for the girls to be thirsty for him. Misumi is basically the "enemy" of the Student Council, and she has her own little person, and so does Wakana for that matter. You all know that moment where the two little people meet up and they fight for the honor of their "master" and it's usually funny? There was only one encounter, and it was just, I lost brain cells from watching it. It was stupid, forced, cliche, and made me want to punch my computer. I might also add that this series is also a comedy (how fitting), so we see all the ways of how Izumi is a "pervert", such as Wakana intentionally leaving her panties in the living room so Misumi can see them and then suddenly make Izumi make up a lie that he is a cross-dresser. GRADE A CONTENT GUYS. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. Izumi and Misumi end up in a love hotel, and a sex toy suddenly fall into Misumi's private areas and basically going full blast to Izumi's utmost horror. Izumi also later sees Misumi's privates in full later in the series because we've obviously gotta make that peach joke! Also, when I watched the final episode I thought, "Wait, how is this the last episode? It felt like a regular episode." YUP, THEY DIDN'T EVEN GET MARRIED OR HAVE A WEDDING OR ANYTHING. JUST GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Characters: 3
Jesus Christ, I want this to end. Our main MC Izumi is basically that guy who works hard, gets his stuff done, etc. He is a rather bland character throughout, except when he's being authoritative, stopping Wakana from doing stupid stuff. Speaking of Wakana, she is like an 8 year old that has boundless amounts of energy. She doesn't even look fit for the job of Student Council President, and is quite naive. She also does whatever sexual act she's supposed to for the episode, like letting Izumi take off her panties in an alleyway because screw decisions, we need fap material! Misumi is a rather voluptuous girl, yet she is pure and dancing in the green hills of Europe, which of course is a stereotype that is quite common in ecchi and hentai. She tries to enforce stupid stuff, like no holding hands, (remember that from earlier?) or showing you're in a relationship with a person. But we saw her privates anyways, who gives a damn! (Christ, I feel like face desking.) The rest of the characters are basically useless to mention since not even the anime gave a damn about them. And when they did show up they were basically fap fodder, like Misumi's sister straddling Izumi and Wakana's mom falling onto Izumi in a way so Izumi can accidentally lick her privates. (OH JOY) Might I add that Wakana's mother looks like a third grader and sounds like one as well even though she is FORTY(or thirty, I dunno). If you're into that stuff then good for you, but I'll stay away.

Sound: 7
Sound was fine, but the characters sounded like those voices you'd regularly hear from a hentai or something like that. Music was fine as well but nothing stood out to me. Opening was pretty meh and cliche.

Visuals: 7
The visuals were rather normal, nothing that made me go, "OMFG THAT JUST MADE MY EYEBALLS ORGASM." Sometimes the quality was lowered, but I didn't really care all too much. Please note that this is the last good thing about this series you will hear.

Enjoyment: 1.5
This show is fap fodder as I stated in the beginning. It adds nothing to your life but wasted semen on something you could've felt good that you masturbated to, but NOPE. The ecchi scenes aren't even that great, it's just toned up a bit. The comedy doesn't add much to the show, I never really even laughed at all. The story and characters were absolute shit. I don't recommend watching this series in the slightest, except if you want to see how shit an ecchi series is compared to this. I know there's an OVA, but I didn't watch it as I could've cared less. If they got married and then had sex FUCKING WOOPEE, good for them. This series is the worst anime series I have ever seen. May my eyes not have to suffer through something like this again. Once again, I hope that you enjoyed. If you think this series is actually good, then good for you! You can like whatever you want, and be proud of it. ^O^ Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!


20 /100
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