There are spoilers in this review please be warned. Hello there and welcome to my review of or as in English My LOVE Story. I will be going over the five main elements and my overall ending opinion. First spoiler I like this show. A lot. Story: 7.5 The story starts off uniquely with the middle school graduation of Gouda Takeo who is a very large and tall individual who seems threatening at first but is a softy as we seem large tears falling down his face as he sings the schools anthem. Shoujo does not have a lot of main male characters so it was nice to see this concept. He goes to confess his feelings to a girl he likes but then sees her confessing her feelings to our next character Sunakawa Makoto who is basically the guy which every girl dreams of. He denies her request as he is Takeos friend. We then later see the encounter of Takeo and Yamato Rinko on the train where Takeo saves Yamato from a groper where Takeo experiences love at first sight. We then see the next two episodes where we see Takeo be uncertain of if Yamato likes him or not as he thinks that she wants to be with Suna. He then later finds out that she likes him and they get together and OMG they are so cute together. We then meet other characters like Sunas sister who secretly likes Takeo and Hayato Oda who likes Sunas sister and makes her want to realize she wont have a chance with Takeo and that she should get together with him. We see a lot of episodes where we see the further romance of Takeo and Yamato like going camping Takeos birthday and when they first kiss and a Christmas party which gets a little tiring after a while but we then get a new character introduction with Yukika Amami who has secretly been giving Suna letters and chocolate ever since Kindergarten. Takeo tries to help her get together with Suna but fails in the end which in my opinion was refreshing. It showed that Takeo cant do everything and that he has his flaws. Suna and Yukika end on good terms though which was nice. Near the end of the series we see that Takeo wants to increase his relationship with Yamato but he cant bring himself to say her first name. In Japan it is common to say the last name of someone if they are your classmate/friend/acquaintance and to call them by their first name if you are close with them. Rinko then also decides to start working at a bakery where she then meets a chef named Ichinose who falls in love with her but doesnt know that Yamato is in a relationship with Takeo. We later see Takeo see Ichinose call Yamato by her first name Rinko. Takeo then thinks that Yamato is heading towards a relationship with Ichinose especially when he sees her in his car not knowing that he was driving her home and when Yamato tells Takeo that she will be helping him in a bakeoff. He decides that he cares about Yamatos feelings more and gives up. That episode had me on the feels zone guys He then later shows up at the bakeoff that Ichinose and Yamato are in since Yamato invited him and finds out Yamato still has feelings for him to his and Ichinoses surprise. Ichinose accepts Yamatos love for Takeo and Takeo then calls her Rinko for the first time. OH LORDIE ROMANCE IS TICKLING MY HEART Characters: 8.5 I really liked the characters in this show they all had their nice little unique thing. Starting with Takeo I loved his character probably the most as his constant charisma and charm kept me hooked on watching. He was a rather nice character and I liked how he got into some extreme situations at times so we could see how much of a boss he was to the amazement of both Yamatos and our eyes. Suna throughout the show was labeled as the best bro in shoujo by fans who watched the series as he always put his friends before others and constantly showed how relaxed and nice he was. When he told Takeo that he would never date a girl who had said mean stuff about Takeo I felt that he was a true friend which was nice as you dont really see the friendship of Takeo and Suna in shoujo or romance that much. Yamato was a nice character although I felt she was a bit tiring at times. When she got flustered for the 100th time I smiled but wanted to see her act a bit different. Her chemistry with Takeo was great though and I enjoyed it the whole way throughout. Sunas sister Sunakawa Ai was a nice interesting addition along with Hayato Oda as he wanted her to realize that Takeo was already happy with Rinko and that she should move forward. Ai minorly annoyed me at times with her stubbornness but I felt like she contributed to the story. I havent mentioned this character yet but Takeos mom is another fave of mine as she is the ultramom I like the miniarc of when she was pregnant and showed how awesome she was as a mother. She was minorly intimidating when I first saw her but I warmed up to her almost immediately. Takeos dad shows up minorly in the series but he is a joker and I liked that. I also havent mentioned Mariya Saijou who is put into Takeos track team for school sports day. She was a nice character and I like how she realized that Takeo was a nice person and that you could socialize with him and not be scared of how large he is. Yamatos group of friends annoyed me at first as they made fun of Takeo but when they changed their minds about him when he saved one of them in a fire I felt relieved. They then accepted Takeo so everythings good in the hood Ichinose I felt was overconfident of himself and a bit annoying. He fit into the story nicely though and he accepted he wasnt getting into a relationship with Yamato so that was nice. Visuals: 7.5 The visuals were fine they were some parts where they looked better for effect. They also used a simple style at times as a comedic device like being less detailed. The shading was nice it fit in. The backgrounds I liked as they were moderately detailed and looked like an actual background thank you animators The backgrounds for reactions were nice as well as they were varied. Pictures: 220 220 Sound: 9 The voice acting for this show was great especially Nobunaga Shimazaki who voiced Suna and Takuya Eguchi who voiced Takeo as they did a FANTASTIC job. Kudos to all the other voice actors as well as they all did a wonderful job. The music was nice I liked the opening and endingliked the ending more and didnt feel bored with any of the tracks. The music was made by S.E.N.S. who are a new age instrumental duo who have done a lot of other work with other anime TV dramas movies and more so check them out. They did the soundtrack for xxxHolic. Enjoyment: 8.5 I really enjoyed watching this show and was glad that I did. The story wasnt perfect but it was nice and sweet the characters were great and had great chemistry and uniqueness the visuals were nice and the use of change for comedic effect worked out well the sound was fantastic a great job done. The humor in this show was nice and I enjoyed it. I like how they put what the characters were thinking at times in text next to them for comedic effect I think that was quite unique and special and I think that the chemistry of Takeo with other people really elevated the show. It had its nice romantic moments serious moments and silly ones. I highly recommend checking this anime out if you have not seen it yet or want an introduction to romance. Picture of Thinking Text: 220 I would very much like it if you would say if you liked or disliked this review as it gives me input of how I am doing with this review writing business. If you would also to recommend a show you think that I would like then please message me O Thank you for reading this review DaDerpBear
83 /100
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