220https://i2.wp.com/www.yogomi.com/wpcontent/uploads/2016/10/ShikiCover.jpg?resize=16002C600ssl=1 Im going to be crisp and short here as Ill try not to spoil it. Just letting you know that this review is what I feel personally about Shiki. The epitome of an amazing show...passionate deep and meaningful. OST This show has beautiful OST. Goes perfectly with very moments Its just the perfect mix of fear and despair to set a creepy tone. Shiki just has this haunting yet beautiful melody i think thats why its one of my favorite animes .The soundtrack is truly amazing and it will always sound one of a kind to me . How it progress The first 1/4th was the normal and few things are left answered which will be answer towards the end and the plot was predictable. The last 1/4th was OMFG I didnt see that coming. How I feel About it A lot of people see horror as something that just makes you jump and gives you a dopamine rush I think horror is something that haunts and fascinates years after you experience it and by that definition Shiki is one of the greatest horror shows Ive ever had the pleasure to watch I think the reason why this anime was so amazing is because it mess with your heads logical and emotional feeling and show the extreme harsh reality. As viewers I remember when I first watched it I really thought that all the Shiki should die. there is the logical part of us that thinks Shikis should all be eliminated so the curse can stop and then there is the emotional part that feels sympathy for Shikis and criticises the cruel way humans treated them forgetting that humans and Shikis both felt the need to survive. And so the lines between good and evil start to blur as the show goes on and in the end it makes us question if there is in fact a good side. It makes the viewer question what they would do if they were in the same position as the humans or Shikis and how they would deal with it. I dont really think you have to be mentally mature or incredibly smart to understand it. All in all its a great horror anime with an amazing ost in my opinion. How am I feeling about it after completing it. I am sinking in the depths of despairs and disgusted by the human nature and the reality. This anime has some influence on me now and has meaningful messages in it. One of a kind Masterpiece I wish more horror anime had the atmosphere Shiki has. I mean Ive enjoyed other horror anime but Shiki will probably always be my favorite. Its nice to see Shiki get some love I rarely hear people talk about it anymore I highly recommend you to watch this show and judge it by yourselves. Again This is my personal Opinion
100 /100
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