A Good Review for The Wind Rises
I had only seen one Studio Ghibli movie before watching The Wind Rises, and it's definately given me a bigger interest in their films. Not to say that I wasn't interested in Studio Ghibli in the first place their track record for amazing films is well established. This is the legendary director Hayao Miyazaki's last work so it holds a special place in Studio Ghibli's gallery. But is it really good?
Yes of course it is and that puts me in an interesting position where i can't really think of a funny quip or joke about it, so this could technically be my first proper review of something. Wow.
The Wind Rises is gorgeous in it's animation, while I watch something I tend to take countless snapchots of it to use as an image to put with any piece of writing I do. But with The Wind Rises I've taken about 20+ screenshots because this film is so stunningly crafted. The amount of movement in the animation is at times mind blowing and the backgrounds are so full of life they feel like artworks on their own.
I can imagine some people with slightly less patience getting bored while watching The Wind Rises because it's too slow, and in a sense I could agree with them. This movie is long (about two hours) and for the most part concerntrates on the making of planes, creating a believable of image of the early twentieth century and on basic character interaction. However all the above were so interesting I didn't notice how slow the movie might've been and scenes involving real heartache are dispersed through the movie to keep you invested. There are some stunning scenes of planes flying which create tension because you wonder whether Jiro's planes are going to work, and it's interesting you begin to follow along with the science of it. You begin to root for him through every success and every failure.
Jiro is a very well rounded character, his caring and quietly determined nature make him very likeable, and he comes across as someone with a passion for what he does. To him they aren't warplanes, they're beautiful pieces of engineering and he treats them as such.
The real meat of the movie appears at the halfway point as Jiro begins a relationship with Naoko and as his planes get closer and closer to completion. This is where the movie starts tugging at your heartstrings, and despite not affecting me I understand how it could affect others (accuse me of being a soleless bastard in the comments below). The relationship between Jiro and Naoko is built up believably and their actions speak for their love for each other. It's really touching and gets you invested in the two of them. The movie ends on a rather sombre tone but ties the whole movie together really nicely. This ending will stick with me as it's the emotional climax to an already very emotionally charged movie, and beyond that it all feels so geniune and real.
I could go on the days about the soundtrack and the sound design, about the animation, the voice cast but I won't.
What I really want to say is that this is the kind of movie you leave feeling just that little better about life, the kind of movie that will stick with you. So sit down and give it a watch.
(Really loved writing this one any comments whether good or bad would be greatly appreciated.)

80 /100
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