As of late all I really watch is anime so its a rarity that I ever use regular streaming platforms to watch anything. For whatever reasonperhaps out of boredomI recently decided to log in to my familys Netflix account. Immediately after signing in there was a show that popped up on the front page: HighRise Invasion. I had never heard of it before so I decided to give it a try. I had zero context before watching the first episode. I didnt have any knowledge of the source material. Although Im clearly not able to evaluate how faithful this anime is to the original manga I feel that this show has something to offer audiences. Ill make it clear right now: this show is not a masterpiece. I doubt that lives will be changed from a show filled with as much fanservice and pantyshots as this one. Though I will say that if people allow themselves to kick back and accept its absurdity they will definitely be able to enjoy HighRise Invasion. This is a short season being only 12 episodes so I dont intend to spoil anything there will only be light spoilers at most. Brief Background/Plot Summary HighRise Invasion opens up with a young girl panicking during a phone call. The voice of a machine becomes audible as the call goes straight to voicemail. The girl is trying to get in touch with her parents but is continually unable to reach them. The setting is peculiar. On top of a skyscraper in the midst of a metropolitan area theres no other people visible. No one is walking in the streets no noticeable vehicles. The city seems lifeless. The plot begins to unveil after the girl calls and gets a hold of her brother she is then established as the mc: Yuri a high school girl who after having been in her classroom only moments before finds herself teleported to the top of a random roof. She has been isekaid to a groundless world filled with Masks: antagonists with unknown motives. 500 Thesis The anime has an interesting premise one that is capable of drawing people into the narrative. Though the overall story isnt the most substantive I had a lot of fun watching this. I realized early on that this show wasnt going to be a source of inspiration or provide me some sort of insight about the human condition. I decided to sit back for a bit turn my brain off and enjoy the unveiling of a plot that was interesting enough to keep me engaged. The real appeal of HighRise Invasion for me was found in the steady animation the music the characters and the fight scenes. Animation ZeroG Grand Blue Dreaming 2018 was the studio in charge. Im not all that familiar with them but I thought that they did a good job with this anime. The animation was not exactly superb but it was pretty solid. The art wasnt flashy but it was consistent. I dont recall any times where I was no longer immersed in the show due to sloppy animation. If anything stuck out or bothered me it would be the color of the blood. Due to the nature of this show there is quite a bit of blood being splattered around. During those scenes it really stood out as too bright of a red. Other than that I was pretty fond of the animation. 500 Music The music was one of the best parts of the show. The OP is an absolute bop I was highkey boppin my head through that. I only skipped it once or twice during my binge of the anime. As good as the opening is I honestly might like the ED even more. The rest of the soundtrack and BGM wasnt that bad either. The only complaint I have about the music is that there were a couple dramatic scenes in the show that had the mood killed because the BGM didnt match the desired tone of the scene. This was the only flaw with the music that stood out to me. Characters I had mixed feelings about the characters. Although there wasnt really enough background or insight provided into their lives especially with the protagonist the characters were decent. They arent fleshed out very well but they are at least likeable. Yuri is a likeable character and she is reminiscent of Revy Black Lagoon at times. The majority of characters have something charming about them. I wont include the antagonists/villains as likeable or as decent characters though. The villains are some of the most onedimensional characters I have ever seen. 1D characters are necessary for driving along a plot but not to this extent. These characters motivations are ordinary unoriginal and downright pitiful at times. I wasnt impressed with how the bad guys were written. This does not include Sniper Kamen who is definitely the most intriguing character in the anime. 500 Fight Scenes This show is filled with fight scenes. As I stated earlier the animation is pretty solid so the fights throughout the 12 episodes hold up well. The music filled its role during these scenes and helped set the tone. The fights were kinda hype. There are a lot of different characters with a variety of weapons and fighting styles so it makes for some suspenseful and thrilling moments when those scenes take place. Conclusion I know that I havent provided a full glimpse of HighRise Invasion but I just want to establish that this show is decent in its own right. Dont get me wrong it is not without flaws. The anime ebbs and flows varying anywhere from a suspenseful survival story to a Yuribait fanservice with no clear direction for the plot. As an aside Ive truly never seen so many pantyshots in my entire life. Im not exactly complaining but I understand why this may or may not appeal to a large portion of the animes viewership. 500 To conclude I will say that HighRise Invasion is enough to pique peoples curiosity but its also incredibly lacking in areas that make anime good and appealing. It has genuine suspense but at the same time possesses melodramatic and ridiculous scenes. Although it kept me intrigued enough to where I became invested in seeing how the plot played out I can resonate with people that dont feel the same way as me. After all its clear that with this adaptations pacing they went off the rails omitting events from the manga. During the first two episodes I was tempted to drop the show but I chose to accept the ridiculous. This turned out to be o.k. for me. I cant say that this show made an impact on my life or made me a better person but I had a damned good time watching it. It was hype and fun its been a pretty long time since I have sat down and binged 12 episodes like that. One mans trash is another mans treasure and the byproduct from one food can be perfect for making another.
71 /100
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