To start: human babies unlike any other animal or being at the first few months of their entire lives are incapable of walking or lifting their bodies on its own without any support. Human babies need help more than any other living being. Having that said this manga perfectly utilized the psyche of a child nd mother. Which hereby in my opinion cannot be surpassed by any other of Shuuzou Oshimis work Happiness / Aku no Hana. The worthy mentioning genres are psychology family life tragedy thriller mental health. MINOR not very important SPOILER ahead 220 Story: Proclaiming that this is not your casual dark psychological story. This goes deeper than just a shock of stunning face expression which blows the reader away. A story about most childrens warm reflection of ones deeply caring mother in a tightly household. The silently and cautious interactions of an only child with mommy and daddy will hit you like a snow storm when you found out the striking truth of its silly and very welcoming of beginning. The bulk of Chi no Wadachi Blood on the Track lays at the very first pages where the manga consists of just a bunch of interactive moments with the consecutively views of mommy daddy and the family outside of the ring. The characters of the manga are beautifully established and developed throughout the series. The emphasis worthy of main objects in the story are: mother seiko son seiichi girlfriend fukiishi seiichis cousin shigeru. Reminder what they are talking about doesnt matter at all it is the main plot that is received by the reading at the near beginning which will be the decisive reason as to why the first few interactive moments with consecutively views are highly important to mention. The unnatural but deserved plot twists that leaves you with shaky fingers and the urge of reading forward through the pages of the zoomed in sweetness of smiles given by the overprotective mother that wants you to find out a bit more than a caring and beloved mamma. Which will also especially make a great impact on the far progress of reading through the wonderfully drawn characters and just like it did for me it will feel like a gust of wind when you find out whats really happening in this exciting story. However the art and chosen theme on its own is a masterpiece that makes you feel pity for the both the mother and son. These details of pages are the very relevant flashback moments that you need to fall back on when you hold onto the reading of this impressively manga series. Out of a so many psychological thriller manga series there is not a single one that may captivate the reading style like how Chi no Wadachi is drawn and written by one single author. The answer to how good and compassionate the author has build this story together is not explainable by just one reader reading the amazingly deal of this still ongoing psychological ride of a manga. chapter 93 right now writing this Character: My favorite character would be the father ichiro osabe although hes apparently just a side character he is the closest person between the mother and son. Not forgetting the fact that he has seen things that are absolutely not being questioned about in the story at all. For example the way the mother has shown her intimacy to her beloving son and not allowing any one else except for His Mother to come close to him. At this day of age you wouldnt think about it but the author surely took this psychiatric theme until this far to the reader. And unfortunately you cant escape this realization of thought until communicating with his beloved wife is the very solution. Thats just the kind of way of how the father is dealing with it. 220 My rating is 10/10 if Chi no Wadachi would be ending in a sensible and brillant way... For now a solid 9.5/10.
90 /100
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