The science fiction series is based on the manga by Yuji Iwahara that is running in Monthly Big Gangan. But for the purpose of this post, I will focus solely on the anime series. It is centered around Earth in the future where a new form of energy “coils” has been created using a newly discovered dimension called the “W dimension”. This 4th dimension has a seemingly endless amount of energy, which allows for the mega corporation/governing body, New Tesla, to erect 60 towers all over the world. As a result, the entire world that the viewer sees is using ” coils” in some capacity; robots, money, cars, phones and more are powered using these “coils”.

Of course with all this new technology, there are internal conflicts within company, New Tesla, and external conflicts that the two main characters of the show deal with. Kyoma Mabuchi is a war veteran working as a Collecter ( a person who apprehends illegal coils), who has sworn off the use of coils. The second character that is focused on is Mira Yurizaki, a robot created by the deceased Dr. Yurizaki who previously created the ” coil” system. These two partner up for the duration of series, with the main story goal of figuring out why Dr. Yurizaki wanted Mira to chase after the illegal coils.

The show itself is split into two halves, first (episodes 1-5) is the introduction to a variety of characters and world building. While the second half is (episodes 6-12) used to tie all of the individuals together in a climatic battle. While this may seem like a complex thing to do in only 12 30 minute episodes, the show is fairly obvious with hitting the viewer over the head with the theme of the show: loss,memories, and acceptance of choices.

Most of the major characters have lost someone or something, and by the end of the show have to deal with this issue. Kyoma lost his wife, Mira lost her creator Dr. Yurizaki, in turn Dr. Yurizaki lost his wife. Various enemies in the show have lost their work, research, or in one case altered a family members body because of a mistake. The show uses this to focus on the distraught and doubt that comes from choices made after the loss of something important.

Where the show perhaps loses itself, is in the idea that memories are a way to gain access to the “W dimension ” or that memories are the source of the 4th dimension. The explanation being that the “W” dimension is where all the of unchosen possibilities exist, and the the XYZ dimension is reality or chosen possibility……. Needless to say complete understanding of this plot point may require a second viewing of certain episodes.

With all that said, the show is a interesting watch and I recommend people check it out if they haven’t done so. As of this post it is airing in the United States on Toonami,and can be found on various streaming sites.

Quick Things of Interest
The Opening and Ending are both great.

There is a bit of fan service in episode 4 and 5, it’s not bad but not totally needed. Just be prepared if that is something that may annoy you.

Certain animated profiles of the characters in reaction shots were a treat. Really enjoyed the outlines of the characters.

75 /100
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