Characters Part 6 is one of the most enjoyable JJBA parts and a lot of that can be attributed to the characters. Jolyne is the best Jojo yet The side characters are also pretty good too such as F.F Anasui and Weather Report. I will say some of the twists were quite weird mainly near the end however Araki did not fail to deliver on his bizarre cast rivalling the cast of the previous parts with ease. Especially with Jolyne being my favourite Jojo so far. Jolyne adds to the humour a lot with some of the funniest moments featuring her. Part 6 was similar to part 5 as it did not have the best villains lol. Pucci was cool and his arc added much more depth to Dio however he did not grab my attention in the way Dio and Kira did. I feel like there was something lacking and rushed with him however I did hear stories about how Araki was having a tough time with his publishers and wanted to get this done as fast as possible. And Dios sons were kinda mid too I didnt really care about them lol. Art One thing I really wanna highlight is the art. GOD DAMN DID ARAKI GO OFF. Especially with the officially coloured edition. There was so much life in the drawings when you look at how colour and lighting used. Araki just keeps getting better and better with his artwork and I cant wait to see it evolve with part 7 and 8. I literally have nothing negative to say about the art. Araki is a legend. Action Simply put this is the best the choreography has been in any JJBA part. With some of wildest abilities the series has offered yet. like Planet Waves. Araki continues to come up with even crazier stands leading to some of the best and most brutal fights in the series. The amount of damage Jolyne would take and still continue to fight reminded me of Luffy from One Piece from some reason. Pacing the Ending The pacing of the story was quite typical of Jojos. It was strongest at the start and mid portion but some of the fights dragged and the ending was kinda rushed in typical Jojos fashion. I previously mentioned the rushed nature and how it may be attributed to Arakis circumstances at the time however I cant just overlook it. The ending of Jojos parts has always been slightly weird to me. However even with my typical distaste with Jojos endings this one was certainly the biggest risk Araki has taking and I can see how it may be the most controversial aspect of the story. I respect Araki for taking the risk but it was a bit sudden. Even in part 6 just like every other Jojos part I still feel that the endings are not very strong. Conclusion Overall this is definitely one of the best JJBA parts with some of the best action art and my favourite main character in the JJBA series yet. It is not my favourite JJBA part but it is top 2 only beaten out by part 4. If only Pucci and the other villains were better lol.
80 /100
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