Okay I thought this was going to be a great video gamerelated anime from the clips I had previously watched. But the show was so bad and I cannot stress this enough The Silver Guardian was ABSOLUTE garbage. It felt like a blatant ripoff of SAO. the similarities being that first we have the mc being sucked into a game aspect which we do not go into much detail about in this anime. We do not know if the physical bodies are playing the game like its a normal game or if its a VR game like SAO. The plot is that the MCs grandfather makes a game before he was killed and an even more messed up thing is that the MCs grandfather fostered a child but ABANDONED the mc to live in the dumps. The thing even more messed up is that the MC loves this girl who was a grandchild to his grandfather. She then gets kidnapped into the game which I dont even remember the name of and lots of stuff happens. Just like in SAO where Asuna was trapped in alfheim the MCs girlfriend is trapped in a game in this anime. I would recommend you not watch this show at all. The animation is nothing unique. The plot is so bad. The characters are so forgettable that I dont remember anyones names and character development is bad. Usually most of my anime get a score of 4 at the minimum so you can already imagine how bad this stuff was. The concept of the MC being good at grinding an RPG game and the RPG game being used as IRL currency is the most cringy shit I have ever seen. The story has lots of plot holes. For example the MC is a poor kid but somehow manages to go to a rich kid school. For that he works his ass off on parttime jobs but still manages to get enough time to .become a professional level video game player considering he doesnt even have enough money to afford proper electricity. It has been two months since I watched this and I have already forgotten 90 of what happened in it mainly due to its lack of substance. Nothing matters in this show there are no stakes no meaningful character motivations and the show just forgets about its own plotline halfway through. Any rule mentioned in a previous episode is just thrown away when the MC needs to break the rule filled with plot hopes and completely not enjoyable. To sum all the other awesome characters up: They are basically like the protagonist got no actual personality besides I need money for sick person Nr.293 that the audience isnt caring about or I play this game to get rich. Most of the dialog is a recycled version of all the anime clichs out there and summoned physical pain upon me. And of course the protagonist has a sidekick but thats mostly a combination of cat/waifu/girl with the big boobs that has no actual role besides being a cute sidekick.
10 /100
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